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Each perm method has its own advantages and disadvantages, otherwise this method would not exist. The biggest benefit of cold perm is that it can be permed to the root, which is very suitable for short hair and hairstyles that perm to the root. The biggest advantage of hot blanching is that after the effect of blanching large rolls, and the curling degree produces better elasticity after drying. It can also be understood that short hair is cold permed, and long hair is hot perm. So can’t say which is good or

That’s not good

, used in the right place.

Advantages and disadvantages of cold scalding

Cold perm is suitable for small and medium-sized rolls, perm short hair effect is the best, some hairstyles that need to be permed to the root, cold perm has absolute advantages, such as the popular instant noodle head, with cold perm operation is definitely better than hot blanching effect, because this hairstyle to go to the root of the hair also has a curl.

1. Advantages:

The operation is simple, easy to master, the curl elasticity and gloss in the wet state are very good, the arrangement and combination of the curl bar is more flexible and changeable, the top of the head can be permed more fluffy and full, and all kinds of short hairstyles can get very good results.

2. Disadvantages:

In the dry state, the curl elasticity is weakened, and the hair will feel slightly frizzy. The elasticity effect of blanching oversized rolls is poor. Without moisturizing products, hair quality and curl elasticity cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, it is necessary to use moisturizing styling products to manage your hair.

PS: Cold perm is divided into water and paste, water is mostly ammonia perm water, paste is mostly cysteine products. The elasticity and hair quality of cysteine perm after drying are much better than watery cold perm syrup.

Advantages and disadvantages of hot blanching

Hot blanching, also known as thermoplastic scalding, heating method is divided into digital perm and ceramic perma, from the form of the product can also be divided into fast blanching and softening hot blanching, now the latest hydrogen perm also belongs to the scope of hot scalding.

The elasticity of the dry hair state of the curl after perming will be better, and the curl can maintain better elasticity and luster without using any care products, and the perm rolls are more advantageous than cold perm.

It cannot be permed to the hair root, the operation technology is high, the operation process is cumbersome and complicated, and the coil arrangement is relatively single compared to cold perma. Not very suitable for short hair and hairstyles that perm to the roots.

PS: The quality of all kinds of perms, the traditional softening hot perm is the best, I have used too many products, I feel that the most traditional potion perm feels the best.

What brand of perm products is good? I personally think that this is not the most important, no matter how good the product also needs good technology to show the best quality of the product, and people with poor technology may also perm your hair to scrap with the world’s top products, so technology is greater than the product. If not bad money, of course, Swarzkopf, L’Oreal and other brands, I suggest you still find a good at perming, and experienced hairstylist, he will help you recommend and choose the right perm products for you according to your hair quality, I think this is to do reliable, the pursuit of high-quality results is more important than what products to use.

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1. Advantages:

2. Disadvantages: