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Most people’s perception of suede shoes is the exclusive of grandma, in fact, fashion is reincarnated, with the popularity of retro style, suede shoes once again return to the eyes of the world, especially gold velvet this high-grade material suede shoes, retro and luxurious.

With the popularity of retro style, gold velvet has once again returned to the eyes of the world, and it is even more difficult to put down for those who love retro. Whether it’s on the street or on the runway, we can see the golden velvet! Gold suede shoes are the hottest fashion items nowadays, and you deserve a pair of gold suede flat shoes.

The first one: gold velvet shallow square-toe single shoes

A pair of high-quality shoes can not only improve your taste but also reflect your nobility, formal occasions to a pair of such shiny and atmospheric shoes is more in line, the gold velvet fabric shows elegance under the light, the beautiful appearance is fascinating.

The second one: pointed gold velvet paneled transparencies

The fusion of delicate gold velvet and transparencies is a popular match nowadays. This kind of splicing is elegant and not old-fashioned. The transparent film material makes the shoes elegant and sexy when on the feet, and these shoes can fully show your little sexiness.

The third one: suede loafers

For those who love comfort and fashion, how can you miss this pair of loafers with unique charm, the upper is made of gold velvet fabric throughout, shimmering in the sun, and the round toe design is comfortable and quite youthful!

The fourth model: ballet toe suede flats

The shape of the beautiful and romantic ballet toe makes the shoes look well-behaved and romantic, the shoe ankle ring is designed with pearl elements, elegant and delicate of a little girl, the upper is gold velde, comfortable and low-key and luxurious.

The fifth: leather gold velvet single shoe flats

Usually wearing too many high heels will always get tired, so a comfortable pair of flat shoes is indispensable in the shoe cabinet. The simple and sophisticated toe cap creates a minimalist sense of fashion with sleek lines, the gold velvet fabric gives a gentle feel, and the shiny metal fasteners become a beautiful touch.