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The dressing table is a warm and functional piece of furniture in the privacy of the bedroom. With it, you can have your own makeup and styling area, and it can also help you organize all kinds of cosmetics and other small items in an orderly manner, making life more interesting. It is the beginning of women’s beauty, and it is also a chic attraction in the bedroom, from now on it can have more warmth and sweetness and fashion beauty.

1. Friends who have experience in makeup know that there are too many types of cosmetics needed for makeup, different parts of the face need different cosmetics, different effects of cosmetics are also different, and even makeup tools are ever-changing. Therefore, our dresser must have a large storage function.

2。 Modern Chinese-style small apartment solid wood retractable dressing table; Selected high-quality E1 grade environmental protection board, wood tough, delicate texture, good processing performance, long service life, beautiful texture. Medium and high density fiberboard is uniform and dense, stable, not easy to deform, flat and smooth surface, natural material, health and safety. Clear ebony wood grain, natural wood touch, clear and beautiful grain. Three extra-large storage drawers for your storage needs. Separate storage, separate small items, neat and beautiful. The length of the dressing table can be freely adjusted according to different needs, and the humanized and retractable design is convenient and practical.

3. Bedroom dressing table cabinet

This dresser design is too characteristic, 2. The dressing table direction can be interchanged to meet your different needs. 3.80 cm large chest of drawers Large storage capacity. 4. The dressing stool is 2.5cm thickened high-density plate, strong load-bearing 5. Piano painted stool surface, easy to clean and does not fade and has a long service life.

4. Fashionable pastoral dresser; This dresser is made of solid wood and is hard and durable. And white and wood color styles have their own advantages, simple and warm home colors, so that the home itself exudes an elegant atmosphere. Moreover, the dressing table mirror is easy to open and close, and there is no need to hold the mirror when closing the mirror, and the mirror will slide down at a uniform speed, silent and silent. And there is a small round mirror design inside the dresser, which can better see every detail of the face and draw the most perfect makeup.

5, all solid wood American dressing table makeup mirror combination; American style full solid wood dresser, using walnut imported from North America, retro decorative hand pull, pure hand carving, Roman column solid wood feet, strong bearing capacity. Made of high-quality environmental protection paint, the paint film is delicate, the smell is fresh, transparent and bright, waterproof and moisture-proof. Rigorous craftsmanship, elegant curves. The stool adopts a full-body pull-point seat, high-density foam filling, rich elasticity, relieves pressure on the hips, and gives you a more comfortable sitting feeling.

6. Jane European style dresser; A very high-grade European dresser. The European style is made of solid wood for safety and environmental protection, exquisite carving craftsmanship is lifelike to create a sense of noble luxury, elegant mercury mirror is clear without scratching, and there are practical small drawers for easy storage, and the column feet are also very strong.