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According to Euromonitor International, the compound growth rate of China’s women’s underwear market from 2012 to 2018 was 8.1%, and it is expected that the capacity of China’s women’s underwear market will reach 197.3 billion yuan by 2022. Dabai, founder and CEO of Milk Candy Pie, believes that

With the change of national eating habits and the awakening of women’s self-awareness,

The Chinese big cup bra market is growing rapidly

Founded in 2015, “Milk Candy Pie” is an underwear brand specializing in large-cup bras, and the product was officially launched in July 2016, targeting young women above the C cup. At present, the products have a total of 54 sizes and 49 cup types of C-K cups, more than 7,000 SKUs, and the average price is 180 yuan. In this year’s Double 11 Day cat official list, milk candy pie ranked first in the category of girl’s bra and big cup bra, with a compound growth rate of 100% for four consecutive years from 2017 to 2020, and a cumulative annual turnover of 113 million yuan as of press time.

Dabai believes that the difficulty in buying bras for women with large cups is that it is difficult to find bras that balance comfort, support stability and appearance. Supporting stability requires underwear to have strength, but uneven force can easily bring about a loss of comfort, and most brands will make the large cup bra very wide in order to achieve comfort and support stability, destroying the beauty of underwear; A satisfying bra that requires user insight and the application of new processes, technologies and materials.

Insight and accurate feedback to users, and then rapid improvement of products, are the core competitive advantages of Milk Candy Pie.

This advantage comes first and foremost from research and development, and 70% of the Milk Candy employees are loyal users before joining. Since there are fewer professional underwear try-oners, and most of them are 75B cups that are common on the market, it is difficult to investigate the user needs of large cup bras and Fitting testing. Before product development, Milk Candy Pie will invite seed users to participate in the discussion, and invite some users to try it on, do Fitting test, and then make timely adjustments according to user feedback after the product is launched.

Milk candy pie bra

Taking the large cup sports bra as an example, the large cup bra on the market is mostly compression type and mold cup type, and the principle of compression sports bra is to squeeze and fix the chest to reduce vibration, which is poor in terms of comfort; Molded cup underwear is more three-dimensional and stylish, but usually has poor stability.

The candy pie has an M-shaped zoning design for sports underwear, with enough containment cups to provide space for the chest, and a shrinkage and elastic design at the edges for stability

In terms of purchase and service, users can open the Milk Candy Pie Mini Program to get the size of the Milk Candy Pie bra that suits them through 8-step Q&A. In addition, milk candy pie is also available

“Chest Management Consulting Service”

Women with large breasts are more likely to have problems such as breast expansion and sagging, and the consultant will give purchase advice for different breast shapes, and at the same time give guidance on breast shape improvement and wearing.

At present, Milk Candy Pie has a set of consultant training SOPs, including how to identify chest shape and its problems, reasons for uncomfortable wearing, etc., and this methodology is being precipitated.

For the assessment of consultants, it is based on detailed indicators such as user satisfaction, repurchase retention rate, and customer referral rate.

In the supply chain, the milk candy pie adopts a quick return model. The traditional underwear industry produces two seasons a year, and inventory turnover is once a year.

Milk candy pie built its own factory, using a small batch production line and a 13-week rolling forecast, rolling to see the deviation between product sales and forecasting, so as to adjust in time.

The traditional underwear production cycle is generally about 3 months, of which 2 months prepare materials, and the actual production and processing time is only 1-2 weeks. Milk candy pie is currently exploring the mode of independent material preparation to speed up the production process.

Although there are users in the private domain one-to-one service, it does not focus on doing the community, in order to protect user privacy and avoid users being overly disturbed. Milk Candy Pie currently has only one store offline for testing. Dabai said that it depends more on the utilization rate of the clothes room, similar to the “turnover rate” of the catering industry, focusing on the number of customers received by the store and the idle time of the fitting room.

In terms of marketing, Dabai

Think that large cup bras have natural grass properties, large cup women generally have the trouble of buying bras, once they have tried a comfortable and fitting bra, they are very willing to tell their peers who have the same troubles

, hoping to rely on word-of-mouth communication and repurchase rate to occupy the user’s mind with a “big cup bra”; Milk candy pie has not really targeted the mass users to do marketing, and the mass users account for about 80% of the market, the current total marketing cost only accounts for about 10% of the revenue, next year will carry out more integrated communication, to achieve “category is brand”.

In terms of team, founder and CEO Dabai has 14 years of experience in the women’s consumer goods industry, and is currently mainly responsible for strategy and marketing, with one partner each on the product, operation and supply chain side.

Dabai revealed that at present, milk candy pie faces two types of competition, the first is category competition, conventional bra brands see the increase in large cup bras, so they enter the track; The second is brand competition, and emerging large-cup bra brands are also being laid out. It is reported that Milk Candy Pie received 9 million yuan of angel round financing from Hopshare Capital and Goofy Fund in 2019.

Milk candy pie bra