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After the summer season, the weather is really getting hotter and hotter, how to dress to be refreshing and fashionable, cool but not lose the sense of luxury, I believe it has become the same goal of all of us. Compared to knowing what are the hottest trendy items this summer, in fact


The choice is often the key, not only determining the success or failure of the texture of the look, but also having a crucial impact on our dressing experience.

And minimalist and breathable”


With its unique concave and convex texture, cool and skin-friendly comfortable feel and fresh and elegant outstanding temperament, it has become the first choice for high-end fabrics that must be popular this summer.

Why do we all love linen in summer?


The development of flax can be traced back to 10,000 or 20,000 years ago, and it can be seen everywhere from the royal court of medieval Europe to today’s top luxury brands. As the real “white rich beauty” in the fabric industry, it can be called the best spokesperson for high-end and texture.

And the reason why flax can be popular for thousands of years and is highly sought after and loved, in addition to its high appearance, is inseparable from its following unique advantages——

Comfortable, elegant, refreshing, literary and affinity-loving linen, it is simply born for summer. So seriously, such a beautiful and practical linen item, how many pieces can you sisters prepare this summer?

Linen top

Shirts have always been an indispensable temperament item in spring and summer, and its simple and elegant temperament and linen’s unique elegant freshness are a match made in heaven.

The upper body is not only comfortable and sunscreen to cool down, but also creates a pleasing atmosphere that can easily win big.

The minimalist style white linen shirt is undoubtedly a must-get versatile weapon this summer, a little elegant and a little lazy balance, just right,

Whether it is a workplace commute or a daily vacation, it can give people a very generous and dashing feeling.

For a little more chic detail, this French linen top is sure to capture your heart.

The addition of V-necks, square necks, puff sleeves and other elements, in addition to making your summer look more romantic and elegant,

It can also play a very good role in promoting our strengths and avoiding weaknesses on our figure, so that it looks good and wears better.

Linen short sleeves are also the favorite of many fashionable elves, not only the cooling index is a higher level,

It will also be more retro literary style, allowing you to reach new heights of beauty in minutes.

Sisters who like layered clothing can also buy a light and breathable linen thin suit, sun protection + awkward styling.

Compared with the basic blazer, it is obviously less commuting, and more casual and lazy tone, which can achieve more possibilities in collocation.

It is also more suitable for our daily travel wear, and can wear a natural casualness and freedom, fashionable and high-class.

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Left: Linen short-sleeved crewneck versatile T-shirt

Right: Linen V-neck puff sleeve shirt

Left: Vintage linen jacquard breathable shirt

Right: Simple embroidered V-neck solid linen shirt

Left: Literary vintage linen embroidered Chinese style top

Right: Vintage literary thin linen suit sunscreen jacket

Linen dress

If you’re looking for the perfect piece for beauty, coolness, temperament and practicality this summer, linen dresses are definitely the perfect choice for you! The upper body is a charming landscape, full of summer atmosphere.

If you want to wear a linen dress to look colorful, the main thing is the choice of color, this bright, light-colored linen dress, undoubtedly the upper body will be more fresh and healing.

The cropped linen dress is playful and fresh, and full of girly feeling.

The long linen dress is a well-deserved holiday choice, cool and eye-catching.

Because the linen fabric itself has a unique literary texture, we actually only need to choose a simple dress, which is good enough to see the foul.

Believe it or not, even this most ordinary little white dress will become much more eye-catching after being integrated into linen,

Sweet and gentle, there is a bit of just the right literary and artistic leisurely feeling.

For those who pursue simplicity without losing their sense of design, it is recommended to buy this linen button dress, which adds a bit of literary and artistic atmosphere.

Different from other slip dresses that give a sexy impression, linen slip skirts will look much more friendly and fresh, which is very suitable for our daily wear.

Linen shirt skirts are also summer classics, and the addition of linen can highlight the lazy and sexy nature of the shirt skirt, making your skirt look unique and spontaneous.

Sisters who like to be a little more feminine can try linen French dresses, whether it is a vintage-elegant linen square-necked dress,

Or a linen tea break skirt that shows off your slim body can create a “beautiful and beautiful” high-end sexy charm.

Simple skinny linen V-neck dress

Linen pants

Cool and skinny linen shorts are definitely an indispensable fashion item this summer, and they will carry on the literary and artistic freshness to the end.

Like this linen cropped dad pants, it is destined to brush the screen in summer street shoots, covering the flesh and showing the invisible at the same time.

It also comes with a languid, vintage yuppie chic label, no matter how the upper body is matched, it is capitalized and stylish.

Sisters who are worried that their legs are not good enough to control shorts, linen wide-leg pants that walk with wind will definitely be your true love.

The advantages of wide-leg pants such as hiding flesh to show thinness and modifying the shape of the legs are believed to be familiar to everyone, and when paired with refreshing and breathable linen fabric in the hot summer, it really deserves the word “perfect”.

How to wear this summer to have sun protection, coolness, fashion, thinness, and leg length? Get a pair of linen wide-leg pants and you’re good to go!

The upper body is light and unburdened, cool and super comfortable, beautiful and high-class, and once you put it on, you will definitely love it.

Stylish neat linen lace-up shorts

Linen silk shows a thin temperament and mops wide-leg pants

Thin linen cropped casual tapered pants

Well, today’s sharing is here, share a few linen maintenance tips, and spend the summer cool and fashionable together——




Funky recommended

Funky recommended