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Another season of summer light years,

I felt the strong call of the sun and the sea!

Want to go to the beach and surf the sea,

I want to swim, watch fish, and shoot blockbusters on tropical islands! //

After staying in the air-conditioned room for a long time, everyone must have already flown their minds to the beach, and they can’t wait to start a “catch the sea” journey~

A pair of sunglasses, a straw hat, a beach bag and you can easily go outside.

Although July has already begun, it is still time to plan a beach trip. So, start by picking yourself a swimsuit.

A good-looking and well-fitting swimsuit is also indispensable. As long as you can choose, even if you don’t have a perfect body, you can still become the most beautiful mermaid in the water!

The English word for one-piece swimsuit is One piece, which means one-piece swimsuit. A basic swimsuit is a must-have. Simple one-piece models do not have complicated designs, and the concept of less is more is enduring that endures.

One-piece swimsuits can be selected in solid colors such as black or white, and the presence is enhanced with lines or silhouettes.

The biggest advantage of integrated swimsuits is that they are comfortable, close-fitting, and modify the curves of the body, such as girls who do not want to show their abdomen, they can wear one-piece swimsuits, which are more inclusive and suitable for most people.

Choosing a high-slit style that lengthens the waistline can highlight the advantages of the figure and make the body proportions look more balanced.

And don’t think that if you choose a one-piece swimsuit, you can’t show off your figure! Designs such as the cutout waist, shoulder straps, and neckline can make your skin healthy and become the center of attention.

For sisters with thick legs, you can choose this high slit style of lower body lace, visually elongated + thin legs in one.

For some girls, sometimes being too plump is also a burden, and it is especially noticeable when wearing a swimsuit! At this time, you need to choose a swimsuit with half of the waist, back or shoulder line exposed, creating an atmosphere that will be exposed.

If you want to wear long legs to the beach and swimming pools, a split, high-waisted swimsuit may help you achieve the desired effect. It’s like wearing high-waisted shorts, and the figure is pulled back to the top again!

In addition, high-waist swimming trunks can play a role in tummy to a certain extent, and high-waist swimming trunks also have obvious effects on the improvement of the hips, and the high waist can make the curve from the waist to the hips more obvious!

Compared to solid color high-waisted swim trunks, color-block or styles with some pattern design have a better effect on tummy!

Choose a high-waisted bottom with a flat angle style, which can wrap the waist and hips well, especially suitable for pear-shaped figures.

Choose a triangular high-waisted bottom to cover your small tummy while lengthening your legs, especially for people with fake crotch width.

Add some playful lace and lace-up elements to give the swimsuit a more fresh expression.

Bikinis can maximize the advantages of your figure, especially suitable for little fairies who want to show off their figures, and choosing bold bright colors can double the sense of presence.

The sea blue, which blends in with the sea and the blue sky, is the best choice, and it is very atmospheric to blend in with the surrounding environment.

The straw hat and bikini are a natural pair, not only can become the right embellishment, but also attract the eye range and increase the layering of the look.

You can also add a little sweet skirt under the bikini, which is very smart and playful, making people fall in love at first sight.

When not in the water, wearing a shirt over a bikini or tying a sunscreen shirt around your waist can be a very skillful matching formula.

Basket bags and sunglasses can also add a distinctive texture, and make some echoes in color, which is very unified.

Don’t want to be too monotonous? Add a little pink to your plain bikini, feminine pink can best set the atmosphere and make people intoxicated.

This issue of beautiful swimsuits is shared, hurry up and prepare to go to the beach together