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Paper mallet bottles began in the Song Dynasty, also called straight-neck bottles, named for the shape of the instrument like a paper mallet. The purpose of the paper mallet bottle is not a simple decoration, but a vase for the Song people to “burn incense and light tea, hang pictures and arrange flowers”. The paper mallet bottle is the style of the Song Dynasty court vase, and it is a kind of utensil favored by the rulers of the Song Dynasty. Its plain and elegant artistic style, quiet and restrained, reflects the strong humanistic spirit and cultural atmosphere of the Song Dynasty society. As a special vase for the court, the paper mallet vase is the best portrayal of the most beautiful court porcelain development and change history in the Song Dynasty.

【Northern Song Dynasty Ding Kiln White Ding Paper Mallet Bottle】

The most beautiful court porcelain in the early and middle period of the Northern Song Dynasty was the powder ding (white ding) of the ding kiln. The Northern Song Dynasty Ding Kiln was the most prestigious kiln mouth at that time, with thin and firm fetal quality (not opening the piece), elegant color, beautiful ornamentation, and lustrous glaze, which was selected by the Song Dynasty government as court porcelain, making its value greatly increased, and the products were all the rage. There are inscriptions on the tires such as “Shang Food Bureau, Forbidden Garden, Fenghua, Guan”.

【Northern Song Ru kiln pink green paper mallet bottle】

The most beautiful court porcelain in the late Northern Song Dynasty is Ru kiln celadon. Song Huizong’s incisive artistic purpose has created the ancient myth Song Ru Kiln, with the beauty of “a thousand peaks and blue waves”. Song Ru kiln glaze is like silk, warm and simple, bright and lustrous, glaze like pile of fat, quiet and elegant, moist and pure color, crystal changeable grain, bifeng emerald color, like the beauty of jade and not jade. There are also words on individual artifacts of the heirloom, such as: the word “Fenghua” is mostly found on the zun, bottle, and plate, while “Cai Bing” and “Ning” are found on small plates and washes.

【Southern Song Dynasty official kiln pink green paper mallet bottle】

The most beautiful court porcelain in the early Southern Song Dynasty was the Southern Song official kiln celadon. The Southern Song official kiln is actually a continuation of the Northern Song official kiln and Ru kiln. It was an official kiln established under Phoenix Mountain under the old system of the Northern Song Dynasty after the Song Dynasty moved the capital to Lin’an, called the inner kiln, and later established a new official kiln in the suburbs. The glaze has ice cracks and hidden lines like eagle claws. In the early Ming Dynasty, Cao Zhao’s “Gegu Essentials” said: “The official kiln ware Song Xiu Neishi burner has fine soil, blue and pink, different shades, crab claw patterns purple mouth iron feet, good color is similar to Ru kiln, those with black soil are called black mud kilns, and those who are counterfeit are all burned by Longquan, and there are no lines.” “Southern Song Dynasty official kiln blue-glazed porcelain is a kind of Ru and Longquan-like official kiln porcelain. The official kilns of the Southern Song Dynasty did not carry official characters, and there were engravings such as “Yujin Garden” in the heirlooms.

【Southern Song Dynasty Longquan pink green glaze paper mallet bottle】

Longquan celadon used in the most beautiful court porcelain in the middle of the Southern Song Dynasty. Longquan celadon began in the Southern Dynasty, flourished in the Northern Song Dynasty, and flourished in the Southern Song Dynasty. A long history. Longquan of the Southern Song Dynasty is a people’s kiln, which is shared by officials and people, so Shanggong porcelain has engraved official characters. Longquan celadon of the Southern Song Dynasty, which combines the advantages of Ding kiln, Ru kiln and official kiln, has the delicate tightness of Ding kiln porcelain, the sense of bright and smooth lines, and the beauty of Ru kiln official kiln Bifeng emerald color, like jade and not jade. The shape is dignified and simple, the color is pure and elegant, among which the pink and blue-glazed porcelain of Longquan of the Southern Song Dynasty is “green as jade, bright as a mirror, and sound like a rock.” “, artistically and artistically at the top of Song Dynasty porcelain.

Perhaps this is the reason why Japan, which admires the Song tea ceremony and flower arrangement, and loves the quiet and restrained art style of the Song Dynasty, has designated only the Song Jianyao and Longquan celadon porcelain as national treasures! It can only be said that the more you enter the Dao, the more you will find that the beauty of Song porcelain is the most beautiful but the Southern Song Longquan pink celadon!