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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

1. What is the future bazaar

Future Market, officially launched in 2019, is a mobile Internet circle e-commerce platform. We always believe that through the empowerment and link of the platform, with high-quality goods as the medium, even the smallest individuals can create more value from it. It is a platform dedicated to creating a “new space” that integrates the virtual space of the network and the real world, where and customers can link each circle to provide comprehensive services of productization and content for the individuals in the circle, so that everyone can create value.

2. Why choose the Future Market?

1. Core advantages for the future

1.1 Global selection, brand direct supply

1.2 Diverse content and diverse gameplay

1.3 Self-purchase to save money Share to make money

2. Traffic dividend

2.1 Multiple users: 300W core active user group, multi-content and multi-gameplay

2.2 More resources: online celebrity live broadcast accelerates promotion and exposure, and multi-brand and multi-sales

2.3 Capital favor: At present, it has been supported by two well-known venture capital institutions, “SAIF Asia” and “China Innovation Capital”

3. Future bazaar product zoning

1. 9.9/19.9 drainage zone

2. 399 Pack Zone

3. Closed purchases

4. Big coffee of the same style

5. Regular/Daily Goods Zone

4. The future market is now a settled brand

1. , Lafang, Two-sided Needle, Han Shu, Han Hou, Huoquan, Jingrun Pearl, Christine, L’Occitane, Shuke, Yiye, Benefit Lei, Clinique, Saint Laurent, SK-II, Dior, Versace, Gucci, Lancome, Snow Essence…

2. Haitian, Yanzhifang, Baicao Wei, CONBA/Kang’en Bei, Mrs. Yao, Durian Shih, Tomson By-Health, Shu Daoxiang, Xu Fuji, Mr. Beaver, Dongjiu, Guangming, Haidilao, Correction, Luhua, Guansheng Yuan, Kodi, Adopt a Cow, Yibeni, Jacket, Langjiu, Li Ziqi, Liangquan Qimei, Nestle, Jiangzhong Food Therapy, Beijing Tongrentang, Moutai Group, Wujiang, Wuliangye…

3. Jiuyang, Combach, Midea, Libai, Sanan, Miaojie, Colgate, Two-sided Needle, Qingfeng, Correction, Lekou, Feike, Philips, Pangao, Jiaao, Newman, Boyang, Zokai, Feiyada, Chigao, Shanshui, Rongshida…

4. Lafang, Zichu, ABC, 999, Six Gods, Mescal, Disney Series, Goodboy, Teddy, Red Elephant, Shuker, Hello Kitty, Despicable Me, Hongo…

5. Investment categories of future bazaars

1. Beauty and personal care: facial cleansing and skin care, personal care, makeup and perfume, men’s care, medical beauty equipment

2. Food fresh: fresh fruits, snack foods, tea and wine brewing, dried grain and oil, health and nourishment

3. Home department stores: daily necessities, home textiles, kitchen utensils, clothing and bags, home appliances digital

4. Maternal and child products: milk powder and nutritional complementary food, baby feeding products, baby toiletries, baby toys

6. The direction of investment promotion in the future market

1. Well-known in the industry: first- and second-tier brands at home and abroad, top brands in the industry

2. Market data: Jingdong Tmall settled, various index TOP30 brands

3. Factory strength: self-owned/factory brand Internet celebrity explosive and other brand goods

4. Peculiar novelty: the freedom of quirky technology tonality/factory brand

5. Experience in social e-commerce platform settlement is preferred, and annual sales are not less than 10 million high-quality merchants.

Seven. Future bazaar entry process

1. The merchant needs to provide a list of commodity quotations and deliver it to the investment promotion department

2. Prepare the qualification certificate of relevant brand products, and dock the contract process with the investment promotion department of the platform

3. After the merchant confirmation of the commodity quotation list, the merchant will obtain the address and invitation code of the future market merchant background management system, and the merchant will complete the store registration according to the steps

4. Merchant Registration Process

4.1 Step 1: Use the official link to enter the merchant management background:

4.2 Step 2: Use the invitation code to register a merchant account

4.3 Step 3: Fill in the merchant’s entry information, upload the store qualification, and the platform will complete the review within one working day

4.4 After the background registration is completed, upload the product materials as required, and the product will be put on the shelves after the review is passed

4.5 Pay the deposit and use the main body of the settled company to transfer money to the company, that is, complete the settlement process

8. Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the deposit for merchants to settle on the platform?

From March to June, the platform public beta stage, the first batch of merchants to implement preferential policies, all categories of the deposit is 5,000 yuan, later the platform is officially launched, different categories will charge different amounts of deposit

2. Can I refund the deposit of the store?

After the termination of the cooperation agreement, the platform will refund the deposit to the merchant’s designated account interest-free within three months after the platform passes the review

3. How much does the platform charge?

The platform charges a promotion service fee, that is, the commission deduction point POP mode, the promotion commission ratio is not less than six points, and the service fee deduction amount is based on the data of various types of deduction points given by the investment promotion.

4. Do merchants need to issue invoices?

Continuing from the previous article, the third-party platform will issue an invoice for the service fee to the merchant after deducting the platform service promotion fee of the merchant on its behalf; In special circumstances, if the consumer requests an invoice for the purchased goods, the merchant will invoice the product (the nature of the invoice is determined by the consumer entity)

5. What is the settlement period of the platform?

The billing period is the monthly settlement, and the completed orders of the previous month are settled on the 15th of each month (orders that have passed ten days after the buyer confirms receipt or the seller ships the goods are called closed orders)

6. Who sets the price?

The price of the goods is set by the merchant and reviewed by the platform. In principle, the Tmall Jingdong flagship store is not higher than the price on other social e-commerce platforms, and the final price is determined by mutual discussion between the two parties.

7. How timely is the delivery?

After requesting payment for an order, the first shipment is completed within 48 hours and the first shipping information is updated.

8. What is the standard of shipped materials?

The packaging materials and methods meet the requirements of the platform, and the future market unified box sticker is pasted on the box seal, and our company will provide the box sticker document, and the merchant can complete the production.

Just register directly, it’s too hot

1. Search: Future Market App Download

2. Register with mobile phone number or WeChat ID, and enter the invitation code “9147548”

3. Buy 399 packs to become a shop owner