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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

In terms of visual impact, being able to compete with the MacBook is no longer the opponent of Shenzhou Elegant X4. With the stacking of LCD screen technology, many brands have now increased their research and development efforts to try “micro-border”. At present, Dell’s XPS should be the most impressive, but the starting price of more than 7,000 yuan makes many salaried people prohibitive, Apple notebooks are also doing well, but tens of thousands of yuan at every turn believe that it is not affordable for ordinary people, Shenzhou stepped into this field at a relatively close price, and it is also a choice for small partners with a budget under 5,000.

180 degree opening and closing touch micro bezel design

The elegant X4 micro-border is only 6.8mm, and the 14-inch screen is the same size as the ordinary 13.3-inch notebook screen, with a screen-to-body ratio of up to 81%

Intel sixth-generation U, Skylake 14nm new process addition

X4 series machines are equipped with Intel’s sixth-generation new low-power Skylake Core i5-6200U processor, 14nm manufacturing process, its power consumption is only 15W, with 3M cache rate, compared with the previous generation processor performance increased by 17%, power consumption is reduced by 80%, battery life is increased by 30%.

Genuine Windows 10 operating system, multi-scenario office experience

The elegant X4 series touch micro-border notebook is pre-installed with Windows 10 genuine operating system, which is fast, compatible and secure, ensuring powerful computing and reading capabilities, and realizing a smooth and diversified PC experience. Using a genuine system can also allow you to improve your awareness of “intellectual property rights”, enjoy the most perfect system services, and make your three views more correct. The author recommends that you also use genuine licenses for your Office software.