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Nowadays, many Japanese young people will have a sackcloth figure in their homes, or a flower pot, or a storage box, so why do Japanese people regard this sack so important?

Because it’s very literary

The texture of linen gives people a very comfortable feeling, so now young people in literature and art will put some small things related to linen at home.

▼The table lamp covered with linen cover looks very comfortable

▼ Azabu Fawn’s notebook

▼ A tablecloth with a small red tree

▼The linen curtain full of childlike atmosphere, the girl’s heart Zhang Huohuo classmate likes it so much~~

▼ Or it’s good to look good as a decoration~

▼The small curtains that block the small sunlight don’t look very girly~

Because it’s fresh

A literary home is not enough for a Japanese who loves cleanliness, not only to have a sense of literature and art, but also to look fresh.

▼ Coaster bowl cushion, traditional Japanese pattern, looks really cute

▼A clean linen tablecloth is a must-have for many young Japanese people at home (it will look good to take pictures after making food~)

▼Green plant pots made of sackcloth bags, green and fresh are really attractive!

▼ Sackcloth vase, put a few bouquets of fake flowers in the vase, put it on the dining table, and the mood should be very good when eating every day~

▼ Put a few bouquets of flowers on the unused bottle bread on the handmade linen coat, which will definitely make your small corner of your home look more attractive

Because it feels good to the touch

In summer, many people buy sackcloth clothes to wear, because the touch is good, and it is cool to wear sackcloth clothes, so many Japanese young people will make some sackcloth pillows and cushions at home~

▼Sackcloth cushion, it should be cool to sit in summer (it’s the one in the back, the one in front is straw)

▼ Sackcloth pillows, whether leaning or holding, are very cool, and there will be no stuffy hot feeling~

▼ Cat sackcloth pillows, a must for shovel officials

▼ Sackcloth mats, if the stool at home is easy to scratch the floor or floor tiles, make a few mats of sackcloth and put them on the stool, which can not only protect the floor, but also make the stool look more cute

▼ Sackcloth cup covers, if the cups at home look like one and are often confused, make a few sackcloth cup covers by yourself, and write with a black pen like in the picture, so that you can see at a glance which is your own cup~

Because it’s practical

The small things in your own home should be both comfortable to look at and affordable to use~

▼ Paper drawer box made of linen, plastic paper drawer box often disassembled, it is easy to break, linen will not have this trouble, if it is dirty, wash it casually and continue to be able to use it~

▼ Wall-mounted storage bags, you can do it yourself! You can make whatever you want, and it is convenient to hang a mobile phone or key at the door! Mom no longer has to worry about me forgetting my keys to go out!

▼Sackcloth storage box, because it is made of cloth, so you don’t have to worry about deformation, and it is a good choice to put books or clothes!

▼ Sackcloth dirty clothes basket, it turns out that dirty clothes basket can also be so literary and artistic~

▼ Sackcloth rice bags, forced rice bags full of rice, definitely different from those fancy and charming ordinary rice bags!

So, why do Japanese people like sackcloth so much? Because linen can make the home look more literary and warm, the most ordinary elements are decorated with a unique mood, in short, two words, perfect!

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