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Mention OnePlus mobile phone, in the domestic market seems quite niche, unlike other brands to launch several models a year, OnePlus is quite similar to the early Apple Apple, only one flagship a year. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is “slow work out of meticulous work”, this small but beautiful, unsatisfactory style and style has brought a new height of user expectations to OnePlus 3.

Compared with the hustle and bustle of the flagship market at the beginning of the year, choosing to launch new products in June, OnePlus may be more like deliberately slowing down the pace, so that the mobile phone does not stop at PPT, but can be delivered to consumers faster.

For this new flagship of OnePlus 3, which costs 2499 yuan, Liu Zuohu, as the founder of OnePlus, said quite confidently: iPhone4 is the first mobile phone that I personally think is more beautiful than pictures, and OnePlus 3 is the second.

So under the inclusion of high-value and beautiful appearance, can OnePlus 3 become a representative of the mid-year market full of stamina?

OnePlus 3 hardware configuration preview:

Screen: 5.5 inches resolution 1080P

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 based on 14nm process

Memory combination: 6GB RAM + 64GB ROM

Camera: 8 million pixels front, 16 million pixels rear (Sony IMX 298)

Battery life: 3000mAh Support DASH flash charging technology (5V/4A)

System: H2 OS 1.4 is based on Android 6.0

From OnePlus 1 to OnePlus 2 to today’s OnePlus 3, the design of the exterior almost never disappoints, and in the latest generation of flagships, OnePlus adopts a metal unibody structure.

It uses a 5.5-inch 1080P screen, the screen pixel density is 401ppi, compared with this year’s flagship new product with 2K resolution, the AMOLED screen of OnePlus 3 is satisfactory enough.

Among the previous two generations of flagships, OnePlus is known for its comfortable feel, so will this switch to metal integrative molding “regress” in experience?

Obviously, OnePlus has taken this into account, in addition to the two colors of mint gold and glacier gray, it also has five different materials including bamboo and other protective shells to choose from, so that not only to ensure the feel, for friends who love mobile phones can also rest assured and bold without worrying about wear and tear during use.

The front panel of the OnePlus 3 fuselage adopts a black tone treatment, under the tough lines, the four corners of the fuselage adopt an arc treatment, and the front of the screen is equipped with 2.5D curved glass, which further increases the touch feel.

In today’s fingerprint recognition popularization, one plus mobile phone is also one of the first batch of mobile phone manufacturers to take front fingerprint recognition, it is worth noting that one plus 3 Home button in addition to supporting fingerprint unlocking, but also support light touch to return to the home page, but on the left and right sides of the home button is still equipped with Android mobile phone traditional function buttons, inheriting the three-button mode.

The three-stage switch added to the one-plus 2 is also continued on the one-plus 3, and the specific operation is: toggle to adjust the mute, do not disturb, ring mode. Do not disturb mode when you favorite contacts and calls can only come in. Or call the phone number 3 times in a row to remind you.

The back of the OnePlus 3 forms a slight curved shape, a typical three-stage design, two black antenna strips above and below, and its back camera is slightly convex, which is also a balanced design while pursuing the thinness and high pixels of the fuselage.

The design of the bottom of the fuselage OnePlus 3 is also different from the previous game, first of all, it adopts a single-speaker design, and the 3.5mm headphone jack has been moved from the top of the screen of the 2nd generation to the bottom, equipped with a Type-C interface.

OnePlus 3 adopts H2 OS 1.4 system based on Android 6.0, according to the official statement, hydrogen OS 1.4 has undergone more than 40,000 optimizations and updates, and the average startup speed of applications has increased by 55.7%.

The hydrogen window function is added to the hydrogen OS, which integrates daily practical functions including notes, sports, calendars and so on. Click on the hydrogen window to easily view and use them.

The admin center can help you clean up your trash and make room for your phone. Clearly notify authority, intercept harassing information, and say goodbye to interference. Smart sleep app to save you power. Add traffic management, and it’s clear where the traffic goes.

As this year’s high-performance flagship, OnePlus 3 passed the AnTuTu test with a running score of 142940 points, as a reference, LeEco Max2 scored 138026 points, Xiaomi 5 scored 136773 points, and Samsung S7 Edge scored 134599 points.

OnePlus 3 passed Master Lu’s performance evaluation with 65,716 points, and its experience evaluation score was 122.33 points, and Master Lu’s flat road was more than 99% of other mobile phones.

Under the premise of ensuring high performance, smart phones have become a key concern in terms of battery life, and in this regard, many mobile phone manufacturers have realized this and made corresponding solutions. On the OnePlus 3, it is equipped with DASH flash charging technology.

The DASH flash charge is based on the 5V/4A low-voltage flash charge, as a reference, it can be charged to 63% after 30 minutes of testing.

DASH flash charging technology not only charges quickly when you are not playing with your phone, but also quickly charges you when you watch movies and play games while charging.

For comparison, the OnePlus 3 can be fully charged in about 90 minutes when playing games while charging, the Samsung S7 Edge takes about 220 minutes, and the Xiaomi Mi 5 takes about 240 minutes.

For many users worried about whether such a fast charging speed will have an impact on battery life, OnePlus official also made a corresponding interpretation, which said that the low-voltage technology used in DASH flash charging will not exceed the safety voltage of the battery cell, nor will it affect the battery life, and OnePlus’s charge and discharge cycle detection standard is 60% higher than the industry standard.

In terms of photography, OnePlus 3 adopts a front 8 million pixel camera, 1.4μm, f/2.0 aperture, rear 16 million pixel camera, 1.12μm, f/2.0 aperture, support OIS optical image stabilization, support EIS electronic image stabilization, support PDAF phase focus, and support NetEase LOFTCam filter.

Review summary: If you are a face value control, OnePlus 3 with ultra-thin metal body and optional back shell of a variety of materials is enough to stand out in the same level of products, if you pursue the ultimate performance, Qualcomm 820 + 6GB running memory, no matter what you do, you can respond to your operation in time, without leaving any hesitation. If you are worried about the shortcomings of high-performance back-up flights, then DASH flash charging technology can dispel all doubts. Compared with one plus 1, one plus 2, one plus 3 is more sincere, if you are a perfectionist, one plus 3 can be said to be a boutique flagship that cannot be faulted.