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What winds were the most windy this summer? Then it is not retro style, the so-called more retro, the more fashionable! In this issue, I will share with you a few pairs of modern summer sandals to easily interpret unique fashion trends! Come and take a look!

The small round toe design of the shoes gives the feet a lot of space to move, which is very inclusive, comfortable to wear, fashionable and durable.

This simple, generous and stylish block heeled single shoe, because of the star hollow decoration on both sides of the heel, looks and has a novel personality, chic and style, and the overall body is decorated just right, but also can outline the perfect foot line, anytime and anywhere to interpret a unique fashionable style.

There is also just the right heel height, which easily brings a comfortable and stable experience, easy to go out on the street, and can be easily controlled in various occasions,

Highlight the full fashionable and modern atmosphere, let you interpret different trends anytime, anywhere!

The whole pair of shoes is pure black as the main tone, giving people a very delicate and elegant sense of design, very personal, fashionable and atmospheric.

And the pearl decoration on the lace, very warm and crystalline, shining and charming, exuding a light and luxurious texture, giving people a noble and elegant temperament beauty, and the strap design, which highlights a strong retro atmosphere, making people shine.

Comfortable block heel, make walking more stable and easy, perfect for various occasions!

With the black striped skirt, it highlights the unique retro style, very elegant and dignified, gentle and moving.

The whole pair of shoes gives a good sense of line. The use of long ties is even more fashionable and easy to match. There is also a three-dimensional pattern shoe last, which visually creates slender legs. A pair of shoes that show temperament with a trendy shape. And the long tie is a highlight, whether it is a low-key calm classic black or a fresh girl’s pink, it looks very beautiful and generous, and does not restrict activities at all.

Comfortable heel design, long wearing without getting tired.

Carefully selected high-quality leather is not only natural and comfortable to wear, but also has excellent breathable and dry performance, gets rid of the embarrassment of foot odor, and has good color fixation, unique and elegant taste.

No matter which little fairy wears it, it is more gentle and connotative!

Comfortable Mary Jane shoes are really hot this summer! Light block heel, flat square toe shoes, full of retro elegance and age-reducing playfulness, walk elegantly and freely. The retro color system makes people look forward to it. The small holes in the upper are delicately decorated and delicately delicate, which is very designed!

This shoe is made of high-quality cowhide, very comfortable to wear, large block heels to interpret the temperament of European and American fashion, wear on the feet for a long time walking will not tire the feet, let you go out with confidence!

The top surface is made of first-layer cowhide material, which has a clear texture, comfortable and easy to care for, and is particularly textured. The inside of the pork skin is soft and breathable, giving comfortable care to the feet. Flat heel design, easy to walk, not tired. One-line buckle strap, fashionable and personal, easy to put on and take off. Baotou design, showing the elegant temperament of girls.

Simple solid color system, simple and stylish, adding a bit of retro charm.

Simply wear it with chiffon wide-leg pants and a slip top to look good, comfortable and white.

The shoes are made of high-quality cowhide fabric, and the unique process creates a glossy patent leather shape, which can change the luster with different light, showing a unique style and charm, full of texture.

Moreover, the inside of the shoe is made of high-quality microfiber material, the leather is soft and delicate, and it has strong sweat absorption, and the details show a unique high-quality charm.

With a high-quality beef tendon bottom, it is comfortable to walk!

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