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Morning News reporter Xun Chengmin

Four geological surveyors were lost and killed, bringing Ailao Mountain in central Yunnan Province into more people’s sight. Also let forest surveys, geological surveys, geological exploration… These strange words, far from the lives of ordinary people, enter the spotlight. What kind of mountain is Mount Ailao? Why do they need to go into the wilderness and forest to investigate? What is the significance of these surveys?

The reporter contacted senior field workers and professional geologists to listen to what they said about field work.

Event review

The last field survey by four geological surveyors

On November 13, four geological surveyors walked into the interior of Ailao Mountain according to the plan, and crossed the mountain range to Xinping County, Yuxi City, to complete the scheduled task. They had planned to go down on the afternoon of the 13th or the morning of the 14th, but did not go down at the scheduled time.

The four personnel went to the mountain this time to carry out forest resources survey, carrying compasses, sapper shovels, shovels and other tools, as well as about one and a half days’ rations. The oldest of the four missing persons, 32 years old and the youngest 25 years old, all served in the army.

But no one expected that this would be their last mission.

A few days ago, search and rescue personnel mainly searched for evidence clues such as chocolates and drinks left behind by missing persons. On November 20, according to the forward command of the rescue operation, after a carpet search in the downstream direction of the simple camping shack of the missing person, in addition to the feces excreted by the staff, a fragment of a raincoat was found at the confluence of two streams downstream of the feces for about one kilometer.

At 18:33 on November 21, the search and rescue headquarters received a report from search and rescue personnel that three missing persons were found in Shuitang Town, Xinping County, Yuxi City, Ailao Mountain, 1.85 kilometers southeast of the survey site, with no vital signs. After receiving the report, the headquarters immediately arranged for six rescue teams to search and rescue nearby, and set up a contact point in Eagle Pond, which is 3.58 kilometers away from the place where the missing person was found.

At the same time, a carpet search was carried out around the fourth missing person centered on the discovery site, and at 8:32 on November 22, it was found that the fourth missing person had no vital signs and was currently carrying out the transfer of remains, and the relevant reasons were being investigated in depth.

In fact, geological survey work always faces certain risks, in addition to forest surveys, there are also geological surveyors and geological prospectors of various types of work, their work is very difficult and dangerous.

According to public information, Ailao Mountain is located in central Yunnan, China, extending the Yunling Mountains to the south, the dividing line between the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau and the Hengduan Mountains, and the watershed between the Yuan River and the Amer River. Ailao Mountain is widely distributed, involving Chuxiong City, Shuangbai County, Nanhua County in Chuxiong Prefecture, Jingdong County and Zhenyuan County in Pu’er City, and Xinping County in Yuxi City, and the area of Zhenyuan County in Pu’er City alone reaches 135,000 mu.

How dangerous is Mount Sorrow? The steep slopes of the mountains, the strong undulations of the terrain, the obvious vertical distribution of the climate, the heavy fog of the primeval forest, the lack of roads, and the lack of communication signals all bring difficulties to field activities.

The “wild circle” vibrates

An “old driver” beyond imagination “ready to sanity”

In the past two days, the death of four missing people has caused a great shock in the circle of field workers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Song Dazhao, a staff member of the “Cat League”, is one of them, as a public welfare organization that protects cats, he has traveled to many places for more than a decade, “Where there are cats, there may be us.” These cats may be in the mountains of the plateau, they may be in the desert, they may be in the wet rainforests in the south, they may be in the dry forests of North China…”

What is the experience of the wild? Song Dazhao said that nature is beautiful and real. Wilderness is not a color and light that stays in photos and friends, there are the most real winds, temperatures, rain and snow, cold, heat, dryness, venom…

Once in the wild, humans return to a prehistoric state, where you have to face everything that comes from nature, whether it’s good or cruel.

Many people asked Song Dazhao: “Have you encountered danger?” Lost in the road? ”

As an “old driver” in the wilderness, Song Dazhao said: “Every time I go out in the wilderness, I will encounter danger, and I have lost the road countless times in the mountains. “Before Song Dazhao goes out into the wild, he will make all kinds of preparations in advance, from weather forecasts to local topography and landforms; Further routes, where to rest and where to camp, will be planned in detail on the satellite map.

The better prepared you are, the more you won’t stray too far from the preset route in an unfamiliar environment. There is a saying in the outdoor circle: “Playing outdoors is already very irrational, so you must be rational every step after going out.” ”

Song Dazhao said that it is very normal to get lost in the forest, especially when looking for animal traces in the mountains, you always have to walk around to see, it is easy to deviate from the animal path. And what he can do: no matter how he gets lost, he can find his way within 100 meters.

Before each trip out into the wilderness, Song Dazhao will generate a backup file of his route plan, and the principle of backup should be reflected in various places, such as food, if you go up the mountain for one day, then prepare food for two days. Then send the backup file to a friend and inform them of the action plan and the rescue window: “If I haven’t heard from me for a long time, then hurry up and save people.” ”

Working in the field, the right gear is important. “This is suitable, one is to correspond to the environment you are in, and the other is to match your body.” Song Dazhao made an analogy, in the humid forests of Yunnan, a pair of 30 yuan military rubber shoes is more suitable than a pair of 2,000 yuan hiking shoes, because its rubber sole is soft and less prone to slippage on slippery tree trunks and stones. But on the snow-covered driftstone beach of the plateau, a pair of full-leather mid-top hiking shoes is more suitable.

Song Dazhao can often see staff wearing camouflage clothing in the field, in fact, this is very unsuitable for field operations, camouflage itself is not a problem, the problem is that its fabric, whether it is pure cotton or polyester cotton blend, is not suitable for outdoor activities clothing fabrics, because wet is not easy to dry and very heavy, wind protection performance is limited, warmth performance is not good.

Song Dazhao often said to his colleagues: “Be able to admit it.” If you are not sure in the mountains, you will withdraw, safety first, task second. ”

In fact, every time he went to an unfamiliar area to do a survey, Song Dazhao was nervous before going up the mountain. Is it good to walk in the mountains? Can the fitness keep up? How much food do I need to prepare? Is the forest dense? Is it necessary to cross water? Is there a cliff? …… This nervousness would drive him to look at the map over and over again, trying to determine the best route and double-checking that his equipment was suitable.

When everything is ready to go out into the wild, all Song Dazhao has to do is enjoy the charm of the wilderness, breathe fresh air, and look for clues of wild animals.

Expert opinion

A geography professor’s reverence for nature

What kind of work is geological exploration? There is a ridiculous description of such a geological exploration graduate circulating on the Internet – “staying deep in the mountains all year round, earning money with land, and spending money without land.”

What is this mysterious profession like?

In this regard, Professor Lv Honghua of the School of Geographical Sciences of East China Normal University explained that the purpose of qualitative exploration should first be clarified, usually including the census and exploration of mineral resources, the investigation of various geological disasters, engineering exploration, geological and geomorphological investigation serving earth science research, and so on.

In actual production and life, geological exploration is widely used. In short, all engineering construction needs to clarify the geological situation in advance. Before the construction of any project, the exploration and mapping of the topography, geology and hydrology of the site must be done.

When geological explorers investigate rocks, strata, structures, minerals, hydrology, geomorphology, etc. in a certain area, in addition to geophysical, surveying and mapping instruments, they may also need to carry small equipment and tools such as geological compasses, geological hammers, satellite phones, handheld GPS, laptops, etc.

In fact, geological exploration work not only serves the national strategic resource reserve system, but also serves the general civilian needs. The rise of the entire industry has also led to the opening of corresponding majors in colleges and universities, and the employment prospects have been very broad. Lv Honghua believes that “although the environment of geological exploration work is difficult, it is of great significance. ”

Throughout the heavens and the earth, things are reasonable. This is the lifelong goal of many geology and geography professionals.

It is worth mentioning that field investigation and exploration is not only the needs of geology majors, but also the need for field investigation work for geography majors, especially physical geography. Lv Honghua said, “These two major majors need to go to the field for field research. Only in this way can we obtain truthful and reliable first-hand information. ”

In Lv Honghua’s many years of experience in the Tianshan field surgical examination, he also encountered danger, and also had the experience of making the team “nervous”, the group wanted to go down the mountain faster because it was dark, and took a small road, but did not expect that the end was a cliff!

In the wild, there may be both the danger of sudden disasters from nature, such as floods and mudslides caused by sudden changes in mountain weather, as well as the danger caused by personal neglect. “On the one hand, we must guard against these possible dangers, and on the other hand, we must be well prepared.” Lv Honghua explained, “As long as you are well prepared, have the corresponding knowledge reserves and the guarantee of the equipment conditions with you, you can not panic.” “For example, if you suddenly find a torrent coming in a mountain ravine, you must run to the high ground on both sides, not down the ditch.” Before conducting field investigations, it is necessary to fully understand the relevant self-help knowledge. ”

“When you go out into the wilderness, you must be fully prepared, both in terms of equipment and psychologically.” Lv Honghua said, “The love for the field surgery examination should reflect the awe of nature, because it is responsible for yourself and the rest of the team.” ”

Source: Morning News