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#What to wear today#

#Winter Life Season#

In the winter season, wear it around or feel


It is warm and practical clothing, which not only meets the needs of most people, but also has it

A variety of outfits

, Whether combined with a coat and down jacket, make a perfect underwear, or wear it alone in the right environment, it looks very good.

Although I have always felt that this kind of clothing brings us an old-fashioned and dull look, fashion has never stopped developing, and the sweater is really good-looking.

Yes, it’s really appropriate to describe today’s sweaters as good-looking, whether it’s a change in style or some

Elements with a vintage feel

The form can highlight the highlights of the clothing and wear it

Stylish and fanciful

, can also shape the style, not dull at all.

Chassis Sun Li’s outfit is like that, even if it is a black sweater, the white line lace form that can be added, it also breaks the monotony and dullness of the clothing, and the effect of wearing it is very delicate and stylish, and it is very atmospheric, then it can also be seen from it that Sun Li’s aura is still so powerful, wearing a dull black sweater is aging, really elegant and beautiful.

Some people say that sweaters are very suitable for most people to wear in winter, the warmth effect is first-class, and they can be created

A variety of wearing effects

, even very minimalist styles, will look

Very delicate and stylish.

So even if there are too many winter clothing, sweaters are still very popular, learn Sun Li’s dressing skills, do not show age, and at the same time can show different highlights in the outfit, which can be described as very good clothing.

How to choose a sweater

Choose an elegant style

For sweaters, elegant styles are indeed quite attractive, not only can be created

Temperament and sensuality

, it will also look very chic in wear.

Just like a black sweater, a thin girl

It is not recommended to choose a coarse knit

The form will seem very contradictory, on the contrary, the fine knit texture can highlight the sense of sophistication and wear it without being bloated.

At the same time, the style of the half-high neck also meets everyone’s needs in wearing, warm and fashionable and highlights, even for girls with short necks, it is also friendly.

Add elements appropriately

On top of the black sweater, add some elements appropriately, like

The form of ruffles

, effectively improve the monotony and boring sense of dressing, but also create personality and temperament.

At the same time, for the ruffle element itself, it is also a kind

The embodiment of sweetness and romance

, combined with a black sweater, it is really good, showing the highlights of wearing, and it will look very elegant and natural, and at the same time the integration of white lines, a small contrast is not boring and not dull!

Tips for wearing sweaters

Pay attention to the ratio of colors

To put a sweater in a fashionable effect, color is a part that cannot be ignored, black

A colored sweater with a short white skirt

, the overall black and white contrast color is very delicate and stylish, and it can also be shaped when worn

Full of tones.

At the same time, for black and white, it is the least error-prone one, whether it is worn as a daily wear or attending interactive occasions, it can show the exclusive feminine temperament, the dress is very fashionable, and the black and white matching, classic and good-looking, thirty or forty-year-old women wear, just right.

Pay attention to the layering of outfits

In addition, in the matching of clothing, the sense of layering is also quite important, just like the black sweater

The hem is tucked into a short white skirt

, molded out

How to wear it with a short top and a long bottom

, can not only shape long legs, but also show a different temperament and romantic effect, and it is also very wearable

Appears tall and thin

, is not bloated at all, so you can also see from the outfit, don’t look at Sun Li’s clothing style is ordinary, but the wearing aura is really powerful, wearing it does not look old at all.

Demonstration of different sweater wearing

Cream brown print sweater + gray trousers

Winter is really suitable for wearing milk tea, although it looks a little dull, but the light color can indeed create different temperaments and highlights, and at the same time can create a personalized effect in the outfit, which looks very elegant and fashionable.

On the basis of the milk tea sweater, the form of printing is added, which plays a good role in decoration and embellishment, looks not dull, with dark gray bottoms, the basic model is well matched with chic.

White crewneck sweater + black short skirt

Seemingly very simple sweater, white form can also shape temperament and delicateness, slightly loose fit and fine knit texture, no matter what body and what height of girls, can wear a sense of sophistication, with a black skirt, white and black dressing, also looks very layered, from the visual point of view is more delicate and stylish, but also very atmospheric.

Blue print sweater + white shorts

Sometimes women in their thirties and forties should also appropriately choose some age-reducing styles of sweaters, such as blue sweaters + prints, the color is eye-catching and focused, plus the decoration of the print, but also avoid the sense of old-fashionedness, wearing vitality and playfulness, with a pair of white shorts, blue and white colors are very delicate, suitable for most people to wear.

So don’t put too much thought into winter wear, learn Sun Li to wear a “sweater”, the versatile concave shape is not old, it is very bright on any occasion, and it is very young to wear.