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Chinese really love spicy food more and more.

I used to think that only the friends in Sichuan, Chongqing and Hunan loved to eat spicy, but then I found that there is no place in the country where people do not like to eat spicy, and even Guangdong is gradually being conquered.

So much so that the folklore that “Cantonese who love spicy food will be sent to a spicy rehabilitation center” …

Don’t run for spicy Cantonese people, like it at the end of the article to see how many there are

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Under this trend, not only hot pot restaurants are all over the country, red oil is rolling, but also spicy snacks are wave after wave.

Even cookies and cereals have a spicy choice!

I would like to call it the “heresy” of eating spicy food, have you ever tasted it, to share whether it is delicious or not?

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But well, love to eat is one thing, there are still many friends who feel afraid while eating spicy –

No acne, right? Won’t get fat, right? Eating spicy seems very unhealthy?

Wow, chili is really wronged…

Eat something spicy

It’s actually quite good

If you don’t eat spicy for a day, you feel itchy in your heart and don’t know how to eat, don’t panic, it’s not your body that has a problem.

First, spicy taste, as a pain sensation, stimulates the brain to produce an exciting and enjoyable chemical called endorphins.

As long as the burning pain produced by the spicy taste does not exceed your tolerance, the pleasure brought by endorphins will take over the brain and make you miss the spicy.

There will really be a feeling of happier the more you eat!

Secondly, capsaicin can also stimulate saliva secretion.

As soon as people who love spicy food smell the fragrant and spicy taste, before they eat it in their mouths, the brain can’t wait to react, allowing saliva to secrete wildly.

It is really no exaggeration to say that people who love spicy food are “not spicy”.

Because of this fanaticism, eating spicy often bears some trumped-up charges.

There are even small partners in Guangdong who said –

If you usually eat something spicy and one day you are not feeling well, then your mother will firmly believe that it is spicy food.

But in fact, eating spicy itself will not bring negative effects to human health.

Both fresh and dried peppers themselves are low in calories. Capsaicin can also promote blood circulation, eat a little spicy in winter, the whole body will feel warm.

In addition to this, also

Studies have found that the proportion of people who have the habit of eating spicy will be lower than that of people who do not eat spicy at all.

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As for eating spicy food that causes acne, fattening or something, the real reason is heavy oil!

Capsaicin and capsaicin are soluble in oil, and cooking oil can extract the spiciness and red color of pepper. Therefore, many spicy foods will be added with more cooking oil to make the spicy taste more full and the color more red.

So if you want to be more spicy and enjoyable, whether it is stir-fry or small snacks, heavy oil is difficult to avoid.

In order to make the color and flavor perfect, spicy foods are often accompanied by heavy salt.

Both spicy and savory tastes stimulate the appetite, and the combination of the two is rich in taste and explosive in taste buds.

But whether it is heavy oil or heavy salt, it is very unhealthy.

Therefore, if you want to eat spicy with confidence, the snacks on the market, close your eyes and pick it!

We invited again this time

I was almost sent to a rehab center)

Teacher Zhang Yifeng, a food expert.

After rummaging through the spicy snacks on the whole network, we found that there are not many spicy snacks that meet the low-calorie and low-salt standards, and we have selected thousands of choices to screen out the clear stream of 6 spicy snacks

(Collect first and then see)



Loves to eat meat


Ready-to-eat low-fat beef

Spicy taste


100 g


158.4 kcal / 100 g

Sodium content

465 mg / 100 g

About 1.2 grams of salt

Reference price

29 RMB / 100 g

From the ingredient list, we found that this spicy beef actually did not add additional cooking oil.

The fat content is only 2.9 grams / 100 grams, which can be said to be the gospel of the fat loss party.

The spiciness is only lost, but the feeling of eating meat is still very enjoyable, and the satiety is also very long-lasting. If you want to have a little spicy to adjust the taste, you can try it.


Mint Health

Tiger squid eggs

120 g

108.7 kcal / 100 g

614 mg / 100 g

About 1.5 grams of salt

16.6 RMB / 100 g

This fish ball not only has deep-sea surimi and chicken, but also adds a lot of squid grains, and there is a Q bomb feeling during the chewing process, as if there is jumping sugar exploding in the mouth, and the taste is super rich.

In addition, the soy protein in the fish balls replaces the role of starch, enhancing nutrition and the overall taste of the meatballs is more tender.

Due to the marinated sauce, the sodium content of this fish egg slightly exceeds the standard for high-sodium foods (sodium content ≥ 600 mg / 100 grams is a high-sodium food), it is recommended not to eat more than 6 capsules a day (two capsules in a small packet).


Low-fat chicken sausage with a spicy taste

300 g

147.6 kcal / 100 g

585 mg / 100 g

9.6 RMB / 100 g

Many people will feel that meat sausages are not worth eating, and they are full of starch.

However, the chicken content of this sausage is ≥ 85%, which is starch-free (starch content ≤ 1 gram / 100 gram).

The inside of the sausage is solid chicken and soy protein, and the outside is wrapped in collagen casing, and the bite is the taste of crispy sausage, the meat is crispy and chewy, and the more chewy, the more fragrant.

In addition to a little spicy, the taste also has a little smoky flavor. Taking into account sodium intake,

It is recommended not to eat more than 3 sticks a day.

Likes to be vegetarian

Wang is spicy

Konjac makes hairy belly

Chongqing old hot pot flavor

72 g

72.1 kcal / 100 g

501 mg / 100 g

About 1.3 grams of salt



20.5 RMB / 100 g

There won’t be anyone who hasn’t eaten konjac tripe!

Konjac itself is extremely low in calories and is full of dietary fiber, with a strong sense of satiety, which can not only pass the mouth addiction, but also do not have to worry about the burden on the body.

However, the konjac snacks on the market are large and heavy oil and salt, think of various brands of konjac cool.

This one is very good, the amount of oil used is extremely restrained (only 3.6 grams / 100 grams), and the calories are arguably the lowest among the snacks selected this time.

There is no psychological burden to eat a whole bag.

The taste of hot pot flavor spices and the taste of konjac hairy belly are very realistic.

The spiciness is moderate, it is the degree that novices who eat spicy feel refreshed, and they will not feel tasteless when eating spicy gluttony.

Zhou Black Duck Zhou Xiao Companion

Spicy grilled gluten

160 g

217.4 kcal / 100 g

151 mg / 100 g

About 0.4 g salt

7.9 RMB / 100 g

If it wasn’t for the accidental discovery, I wouldn’t know that Zhou’s Black Duck’s business was already so extensive!

This grilled gluten is marinated and fried, served with chili, cumin, sesame seeds, and the taste is really not lost to any meat.

Surprisingly, although marinated and fried, the fat content is not high, and the sodium content is the lowest of the several spicy snacks recommended today.

The fat content is also only 5.7 grams / 100 grams, which is not much higher than whole milk.

However, the main material of gluten is gluten, which is very high in gluten, and people who are allergic to gluten should not try it.

The little prince of muscles

Spicy kelp knot

200 g

54.9 kcal / 100 g

748 mg / 100 g

About 1.9 grams of salt

15 RMB / 100 g

You can always trust sour and spicy kelp knots! Take a bite when brushing the drama, it’s really satisfying!

But generally this spicy seafood snack, the sodium content will soar. Compared with similar products, the sodium content of this model has been relatively low.

There are 6 sachets in a bag, and if you only eat 1 ~ 2 sachets a day, your sodium intake will not exceed the standard.

I know that everyone is hungry, but I still have to nag –

Although I also despise the chain when I eat spicy now, I am beyond my own ability and fight with others, and I am uncomfortable the next day~

Especially for those who already have stomach ulcers, hemorrhoids, bronchitis, asthma and other diseases, it is the best policy to temporarily quit spicy.

In any case, the matter of eating spicy is still within your means.


If you also love spicy food, you can do it first


Horse live this snack list.

If you want to see the recommendations of other spicy foods, at the end of the article


~ It’s okay


To other spicy friends, everyone hisses together!

Collaboration experts

Zhang Yifeng

Master of Food Safety, South China Agricultural University

Scientific review

Lan Xiaofang

Master of Food Processing and Safety from China Agricultural University

Content curation

Cook bowl fish

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Mint Health

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