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I am used to drinking hot water, but outside of home, this small request becomes more and more difficult to achieve.

Especially in this year’s outbreak of the epidemic, the hotel kettle is not worried, and the common drinking fountain at the station and on the plane is also afraid that the residual virus will be contaminated and become uncared for. Now it becomes more difficult to drink hot water.

Outside, a cup of hot water is often not just a cup of hot water, boiled water to take medicine, brewing noodles to relieve hunger for a while, brewing coffee to refresh the mind, brewing tea to relieve the fatigue of the journey…….

I think that since the outbreak of the epidemic, almost all friends who will go out need a personal kettle and a personal portable water cup.

There are endless such products on the market, folded, pure insulation, although there are many types, but none of them can really meet all needs.

And today’s this, will definitely be able to meet your “private customized” desire to drink hot water, it comes from Xiaomi Ecology’s Yunmi that focuses on “water health”.

It is small and portable,

Only the size of a bottle of mineral water.

It can turn cold water into 100°C boiling water in 5 minutes, and it is also a super thermos cup that can keep warm for 12 hours.

The most important thing is to inherit the appearance and cost performance of the Xiaomi family!

Small and portable, only the size of mineral water, it can be carried on board

In 2020, I was asked to take out a big red folding kettle of latex/plastic in public, which I refused.

They are all adults, and drinking hot water must be decent.

Yunmi travel electric cup, pure white shape, comparable to the size of a bottle of 400ml Yibao, and its own weight is only 500g, just look at the appearance will only think that it is a thermos cup with outstanding shape.

When you want to drink boiled water, it only takes a small operation.

There is a small elastic cover at the bottom, open it, and the one-piece plug and wire are hidden inside.

See, you don’t need to put plugs and cords in your bag at all, it already has all the questions thought out.

Click to boil, cold water can be completely boiled in about 6 minutes.

If it is boiled water, you can also point to “keep warm”, which can be kept at a constant temperature for up to 12 hours, so that you can drink warm boiled water without re-boiling.

It is the size of a mineral water bottle and can hold up to 400ml of water.

This amount of water is very ingenious and can reduce a lot of troubles in life.

For example, it can be boarded directly on the plane instead of checked in.

400ml Whether it is brewing noodles, brewing coffee, brewing tea, it is just no more, no less.

Safe and easy to use, the details are Xiaomi-style “humanized”

Xiaomi’s products are notoriously humane, and a portable boiling cup is no exception.

The inner tank is a one-piece seamless food-grade stainless steel, and the boiled water has no peculiar smell.

Think of the “plastic flavored boiling water” boiled by some hot water pots, it is difficult to put your mouth down.

6.5cm wide caliber, easy to fill and pour water.

A private kettle, children and the elderly may use it, be careful to burn your hands.

Yunmi will not let you be burned even if it is boiled, even in summer. There are 3 thermal insulation walls between the boiling water and the cup, the inner layer is 304 stainless steel, the middle hollow insulation layer, and the outermost layer is an anti-scald shell.

After the water boils, there is no feeling of heat in the hand, and it is still warm after 3 hours of unplugging.

The cup inherits Xiaomi’s consistent intelligence, and there is a temperature control system distributed inside, which can accurately sense the temperature.

The water is powered off when boiling, and it will automatically disconnect to protect the machine when it is dry burning, and also protect your safety.

The same goes for the lid, with a 3-layer sealed design that never leaks boiling water.

The thermos cup with high sealing generally has the problem of “difficult to unscrew”, and Yunmi has a built-in check valve negative pressure release, so that the girl can easily open the lid without the power of her boyfriend.

Travel, it is enough to have such a cup, which can be warm or hot, burnable and insulated, and has a pure white fashion appearance.

From now on, you can drink private, safe and healthy hot water at any time when you go out.

Such a good warm walking cup, the price is cheaper than those folding kettles, plastic portable kettles.

At present, the limited-time special offer is only 149 yuan, drink healthy hot water, let’s fight the epidemic together.

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