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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

In the post-epidemic era, in the current slowdown of global economic growth, instability and uncertainty, China’s consumption growth has great intrinsic potential, especially in the context of consumption structure upgrading, the characteristics of quality consumption and personalized consumption are also very prominent. However, from the supply side, there are still shortcomings in service supply and medium and high-quality commodity supply.

Recently, the “Snow Lotus Maintenance Sticker” (QB/T 5630-2021) industry standard proposed and approved by the China Light Industry Federation and approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China was officially implemented. Wang Xuhua, deputy director of the Quality Standards Department of the China Light Industry Federation, said that the implementation of the standard effectively increases the supply of high-end consumer goods, which is a positive response to the policy of developing healthy consumer goods and developing consumer goods with national characteristics, and is in line with the direction of national industrial development.

Regardless of people’s specific living conditions and the supply of social resources, everyone has the autonomy to choose a healthier and more civilized lifestyle, and can adjust and change bad lifestyles. “People” themselves occupy the main position in maintaining physical health and building a healthy China, and they must establish the concept of general hygiene and general health, change the treatment of diseases as the center to health as the center, earnestly establish a healthy and civilized lifestyle of regular work and rest, reasonable diet, moderate exercise, pay attention to hygiene, and attach importance to physical health, and undertake and fulfill the due responsibility of everyone in safeguarding their own health.

The industry standard of “Snow Lotus Care Sticker” clearly stipulates that Snow Lotus Care Patch is a “disposable product for the maintenance of human reproductive parts”, which is a new category of daily necessities for the daily maintenance of reproductive parts. Secondly, it is precisely based on the innovation of the “maintenance” category that it is fundamentally different from medicines, health care products, hygiene products and conventional health products.

If you want to be healthy, you need to establish good health habits. A healthy lifestyle is a new type of lifestyle that people need to adopt to adapt to changes in social development when society is transforming to modernization, and it is a civilized way of life. For example, brushing teeth can remove plaque, soft scale and food debris, maintain oral hygiene, and maintain healthy teeth and periodontal tissues. For example, skin care, we clean all kinds of impurities on the skin and keep the skin clean; At the same time, use skin care products to enhance the elasticity, moisture and radiance of the skin, and reduce skin problems; We use cosmetics to enhance the external image.

Through reviewing the data, we found that the first standards for cosmetics, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc., are formulated by foreign countries. Snow lotus care stickers and toothpaste, cosmetics are all first-class industry standards, belong to the national economy classification standards, not branch/sub-industry sub-category standards, so there is no doubt that in the world is the first Chinese, created a new category, created a new industry, can be like toothpaste, toothbrush, skin care products, into major shopping malls, supermarkets, to meet the quality of life needs of consumers.

Driven by policies and needs, the reproductive care industry market is entering a rapid development trend. Leading enterprises at home and abroad are focusing on reproductive care products and services, seizing this track, focusing on improving health service levels and product quality with diversified industries and innovative business models, which also makes the reproductive care market further expanding, and snow lotus maintenance stickers are bound to become the “first driving force” of health industry consumption.

It is understood that Jintian International as the initiator and leading unit of the standard, the early use of the trademark of snow lotus maintenance sticker is “Fu Thee”, February 1 is the Lunar New Year, the New Year to send blessings, and the snow lotus maintenance patch industry standard just implemented on February 1, Fu Tian came. Give blessings to everyone, “youth, health, happiness, self-confidence, vitality” to everyone, and give quality life to everyone. Brush your teeth, skin care, apply R, and live a quality life every day.