Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Before spending more than 300 to buy a pair of Jinlilai’s half-pack open-toed flat-heeled sandals, I walked to a downhill section, not a rainy day, but the sole was too hard, and I fell a few heels from above, and my knee injury was recuperated for two months, and since then Jinlilai’s shoes have not been sent to me.

Say that you are a friend who loves to walk comfortably, you are catching up, in previous years I had three pairs of love walks, my family also wore them, walking less is okay, shopping soles are very painful, men’s and women’s shoes have this problem

More than ten or twenty years ago, there was a brand called Buddy’s shoes, wearing huge comfort, that is, the appearance is ugly, bought several pairs to wear, the price is not cheap, but unfortunately now I have not been able to find that brand! Estimated to die out…

One year my mother was going to travel to Hainan, and then I wanted to buy new shoes, and I saw a pair of white scoop shoes in the shoe store, Lightsdan or what brand, after a discount of more than a hundred, she bought it, my mother’s feet are big, 39, the foot crutch is still big, but this pair of shoes, new shoes, she went to travel for eight days without grinding her feet, said that it was very comfortable, wearing two summers to wear more and more over, and then could not wear it, also worn, so she threw it away, she always nagged why she doesn’t sell such shoes now

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