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Eleven is about to arrive, I want to go back to my hometown to celebrate the National Day with my parents this year, what gifts is better to buy for my parents when I go back?

This idea is very good, after all, parents are not young, go home to accompany parents more, and chat and talk with parents more when they are fine, which is also a very filial practice. Here are some super useful health gifts for parents recommended by Xiaobian!

1. Full-force travel shoes: autumn is high and refreshing, parents and elders go out to play, walk the mountain road and step on the beach, the soles of the feet are stable and the feet are not tired, take photos in the park, fashion is bright and young. Antibacterial and non-smelly feet, no foot covering, not afraid of slippage, is definitely the “favorite” of the elder parent circle. The wallet is not distressed, practical and decent, take it without thanks!

2. Huge thick wool pants: This thermal pants was recommended to me by friends in the north, and I was really stunned! Huge thick wool pants ~ super warm ~ real material 100% wool filling, and the whole strip is thickened and fleece, very comfortable to the touch. Thinking about the National Day began to cool down, autumn in the south is very short and very cold, parents are old, legs and feet are not good, before the arrival of winter, give parents a warm and heavy gift.

3, Ehitwes electric waist warming: can be taken out of the electric waist heating is not arranged! Parents often close their eyes in cold weather! The hot around the waist is also comfortable, the temperature can be adjusted in three gears, the size of the velcro can be adjusted, and it is easy to knock! Small and lightweight, not obtrusive around the waist!

4, Miyawa Genki Pill massage chair: Parents are indeed getting older day by day, and they always involuntarily press their waist. This massage chair actively conforms to the curves of the body, making the massage more precise and flexible, so it will be comfortable after each massage. The most intimate thing is that it also creates a unique algorithm program for the particularity of the acupuncture points and bones of the elderly, which is more suitable for our parents’ age group, which is simply a good thing at home ~ Putting it at home actually does not take up space at all, and you can lie directly on it every time you use it, so that they can also do massage from time to time at home.

5, electric heating health pot: autumn and winter, suitable for warmth and autumn pants, suitable for health and drinking hot water, especially for the elderly this group, autumn and winter, the human blood return ability is weakened, the peripheral blood vessel circulation is poor, resulting in cold hands and feet, health homework must be done well dropped, what flower tea ejiao ginger tea dessert, are autumn and winter health magic weapon, helpless is that these things are too hard to cook, but with this health pot, put the ingredients in the button press OK, a pot of the amount of a day can be eaten, will not cook more.