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Recently, the temperature has plummeted, and as soon as I go out in the morning, the cold wind whizzes into my arms. It’s time to weigh temperature and grace again.

If you want to stay slender and elegant in cold weather, a set of thermal underwear that is “invisible” but can really “feel the temperature” is essential.

Like the following

Bloated and rustic autumn clothes and autumn pants

Fashionistas certainly can’t wear it, after all

Put it on too

It is chicken ribs, poor warmth function, but also fat, pull down the grade.

After shopping around more than a dozen during this time, we found a thermal underwear that is super cost-effective and not as beautiful as thermal underwear.

After trying it on, Xiaobian immediately threw away the previous thermal underwear, and it was really my wife who liked it! Decided to put it

Recommended to everyone

It’s the kind we want.

Thin as cicada wings, dressed like running naked, the key is really warm.

It’s called in full

Japanese Miya Biddle velvet fiber heating underwear

It subverts the traditional thermal clothing, and has a variety of functions of self-heating, warmth, shaping and slimming, and is a real black technology thermal underwear.


Japanese native heating fiber + Dejung temperature storage

way, lock the heat firmly in the underwear, wear it in winter, it is warmer than the whole body is covered with warm baby!

The fabric is light and close-fitting, and it also incorporates a beautiful body design,

The upper body is invisible and not bloated, and it can immediately “narrow the waist and slim back”, keeping warm and having a good figure!

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Japanese native technology heating fiber + Dejung temperature storage

It is also resistant to -20°C

Ordinary underwear relies on thickness to achieve warmth.


Real thermal underwear relies on technology and fabric.

This Meyerbi underwear is used

, the heat is firmly locked, the cold resistance bar.

This native tech inspiration

Derived from the principle of wool moisture absorption and heat release

, can absorb the moisture that escapes from the skin,

This translates into a release of heat energy, which provides heat far and wide

This operation is really awesome, it can be maximized

Keep warm

, no matter how cold the weather, the body temperature is still high.

Let’s do an experiment and put this underwear in the refrigerator at the same time as the others.

The refrigerator temperature is about 3 ° C, take it out after 10 minutes: Meiyabi thermal underwear has been locked at 27 ° C.

This is because

After the Japanese native technology heating fiber provides heat, the German velvet fabric has the effect of locking in temperature and protecting against cold.

De Jung fiber

The fineness is 9.8-10.4u

, much finer than the finest cashmere in animal fibers, closely arranged in spinning and weaving, and more outstanding warmth.

How strong is the warmth of the De Jung fabric,

Real wind, water does not enter.

The temperature locking effect of De Rong fabric is recognized, and relevant institutions have been

Ordinary heating fiber, modal and derong” are tested for insulation

Modal : -1.12

Heating fiber: 0.44

Dejung: 0.97

But many people reported that they had also bought German velvet underwear, and the effect was not so good~

Xiaobian reminds you,

More than 50% of the Dejung on the market are fake! The cost of Zhende Jung is high,

Ordinary factories are reluctant to use Zhende velvet.

Then there are middlemen who earn the difference, and the price rises high, but it is difficult to distinguish between true and false~

But I’m looking for it for you today

This thermal clothing, Xiaobian dares to guarantee, absolutely fidelity.

There is a professional test report to prove it~


Thermal underwear that will “eat meat”

Tighten the waist and raise the buttocks to say goodbye to bear swelling

Unlike the traditional thick to outrageous thermal clothing, Japanese Miya Bi thermal underwear,

It’s really thin and light to the extreme


It adopts Italian SANTONI weaving process, and the surface layer is 1080 needles high

, very meticulous. High lock temperature.

Fabric zooms in to see the details

The small editor tried on the effect, really very thin.

It’s very light and close-fitting, and after wearing it, put on a pair of jeans.

There is no increase in leg circumference, invisible and traceless~

Not only does it not feel bloated, but this beauty garment also incorporates body design!

By increasing the high density of the text, the elasticity and wrapping strength of these parts are increased, and the visual effect of firming and slimming is realized.

▶ High waist tummy tummy

This thermal underwear is specially used

High-waist design + tucked waist micro-press

Quickly tighten the fat ring on the waist, tighten the waist, and easily “smooth” the fat ~

▶ Buttock lift

The buttocks of the thermal underwear adopts a 3D buttock support design, and two invisible stretch straps are designed on the buttocks side, giving the buttocks an upward support force, just like two hands, lifting the buttocks upwards, and the hip line is immediately raised.

▶ Beautiful back stretch

This underwear is specially designed with a beautiful back stretch on the back, and after the upper body, it will naturally pull the shoulders back, stretch the chest, and prevent you from shrinking your shoulders and hunchback, and immediately show your good temperament!

It is no exaggeration to say that

This underwear is “eating meat” and is designed for body beauty


One piece is cut, close to the body, and the cost performance is super high

The whole thermal underwear is cut in one piece, with delicate four-stitch and six-thread boneless stitching,

Put on without a trace

, even if the coat is thin, it will not be printed.

Fits closely to every inch of the body,

fine workmanship,

There is no sloppy thread~

And it’s adoption

V-neck design with a small face

Not only does it look thin, but it also avoids the exposure of underwear.

Find a picture comparison to show everyone the effect.

And its collar adopts a print design, which looks good even when exposed.

You can show your dressing care!

After mechanical stretching 80 million times without deformation, the elasticity is still like new, according to the human body test ductility, can hold 80-140 jin ~


Not easy to pill

, there is no trace of pilling after the instrument test~

It will also not stick to the hair~

Using environmentally friendly printing and dyeing, no color loss,

Color evenly.

Even if it burns, it will not produce black smoke, so you can wear it with confidence~


Polyester fabric

Specially designed for autumn and winter, it is available in 6 colors:

Twilight green, mocha skin, black rose, chocolate brown, soft white, clove powder

, can be replaced and exchanged, not repeated every day.

Each color is good to see the explosion, the forest color system, can replace the concave shape, the jacket can be worn for a long time, and the underwear should be changed frequently!

The most important thing is that the cost performance is super high, the imported German velvet thermal clothing on the market, casually is 200+, 300+,

Not fidelity yet

And our factory direct sales, a set only 89 yuan! Two pieces off 20 yuan ~ Recognizing the genuine product is the right way to buy!

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Click on the image below to purchase

Japanese native technology heating fiber + Dejung temperature storage