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This is a hanger designed for women’s clothing, and the size is just right to fit the length of women’s clothing. Wide in various sizes, you can hang a lot of clothes. As an in-store display, it has a more light luxury temperament and taste. The delicate polishing process shows a different texture.

The simple design style of the display shelf not only does not appear simple, but also makes people appreciate the beauty of simplicity, simple and fashionable and beautiful, in line with modern people who pursue fashion and simplicity; The structure of the triangle has strong support, stability and firmness, and there will be no shaking feeling when hanging excessive clothes; The golden display shelf has a more texture and unusual style. Exquisite gold color for added visual attention.

1. Style interpretation

The golden frame has smooth lines and simple style walls, giving people a strong sense of visual impact, highlighting the unique beauty, without cumbersome decoration, each piece is placed there like a decorative piece full of artistic color, but also will add noble and luxurious quality to clothing products. The frame made of thickened and thickened iron pipe, nanogold is made by double-layer environmentally friendly baking paint process, after repeated processing and refinement, with the unique color and texture of nanogold, stable and strong. At the same time, wear-resistant and color-resistant, it is natural.

2. Material analysis

This hanger is made of wrought iron, and after the nano paint process, the texture is even more guaranteed. The distressed craftsmanship has a more light and luxurious texture and does not fade. The support of the bottom triangle has a non-slip effect, and the bearing capacity is strong, strong and durable. Brightness also reflects brilliant light based on light brightness and angle changes.

3. Scene use

A variety of products, diversified can meet different clothing malls, specialty stores, dry cleaners and homes, any place that needs clothing display and storage, all products are independent research and development, low-key style, you can match at will. There are exquisite display shelves, nano gold craftsmanship, the production is very exquisite, simple but not simple, I believe this is the shelf you have been looking for for a long time.


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