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Life will bring us a lot of small surprises, and dressing is also full of accidents and joy, bringing this small luck will make the dressing life richer, giving people a refreshing feeling.

The essence of advanced is simplicity, to simplify complexity, this minimalism brings all-encompassing tension, making dressing a regular in daily life. In terms of style, what everyone is pursuing is not necessarily a design sense of shape, and the real dressing master will not ignore the power of simplicity.

Autumn and winter basic pieces are basically all handy, and it is easy for these classic clothes to become guests, and today we will focus on vests. Flexible and casual, simple to wear warm, let you effortlessly fashionable.

Wearing vests in autumn and winter, where is the meaning of its existence? How to match it for you? But what are the noteworthy dressing details, these must have a dimension in their hearts, and they may be able to sit on the fashion of autumn and winter. Wear it every year with a classic look, and don’t worry about going out of style.

First, the fashion characteristics of the vest

The styling style and color of the vest affects the wearer, catering to different preferences, making the vest a styling aid for dressing. Its sense of fashion is still relatively strong, interpreting different trend styles, making your dressing style become the king of autumn and winter, and going out is full of fun and naïve.

(1) Simple and light, no restrained feeling

Autumn and winter beautiful clothes will have some sense of heaviness, such as vests without sleeves, the upper body will be lighter, not binding on the arms at all, and the activity is more light and free. Bringing warmth and comfort to the body, this is also the specific charm of the vest, so that many women miss it.

(2) Dashing and neat, creating a strong street feeling

In general, the vest is biased towards casual styles, simple and free to wear chic and sharp, making dressing more simple and unrestrained. Whatever kind of top it can be combined with, it can be adjusted quietly, and it can be called perfect matching. And in these places of color length, as long as it fits your body shape and creates a flexible and changeable shape, this is also extremely simple.

(3) The style is diverse, suitable for a variety of scenes

The style of the vest cannot be a single state, it has a variety of characteristics, and the style and shaping are different. Whether it is going out on the street every day, going to work, or participating in some more formal scenes, the vest can do the job. Playful and cute, fresh and age-reducing with cheerful or elegant atmosphere, people can’t help but be enchanted, wearing a variety of looks.

Second, how to wear the vest to suit you

The simple and unbridled vests can bring meaningful combinations, and their flexibility is also destined for their colorful charm. And the specific operation, you can see the detail optimization effect.

(1) Look at the material selection to adapt the season

The vest is different in the material, and the season of different materials is different, such as autumn and winter, everyone likes pure cotton, knitted or woolen or leather, rather than choosing a light texture. It does not bring warmth to the body, and it feels that the amount is insufficient, and it is worn in the coat and cotton coat in autumn and winter, wantonly creating a full of tenderness and warmth.

(2) Choose the length according to the height

Height is a criterion for choosing clothes, and tall girls have advantages in dressing, unlike short girls who pay attention to the length of clothing. Vests are also divided into long and short styles, too long styles will suppress height, while short ones can be worn neatly and concisely, and short vests are also destined to be a must-have choice for short people.

3. Precautions for wearing vests

When matching vests, some details that need to be paid attention to are also necessary for everyone to master, so that you can show your fashion style, simple and atmospheric or elegant and gentle can be interpreted together.

(1) With a shirt brings intellectual sensuality

If you are in the workplace, the combination of shirt and vest is very appropriate, and it is easy to create a sense of simplicity and formality. It doesn’t look too casual, and the colors are generally fine as long as they are not particularly fancy.

(2) Shape vitality and playfulness with sweatshirts

The sweatshirt and vest are fresh and age-reducing, creating a youthful style, lively and youthful charm. Little girls are particularly fond of this look, which can match their age and temperament, match the colors properly, and wear a fashionable sense of youth effortlessly.

The vest is flexible and varied, and the warm atmosphere brought by the autumn and winter is also very enjoyable. The span of the crowd is large, as long as you want, the matching vest shape will be easily grabbed, wandering among different styles, making your style more beautiful.

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