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Netizens who love costume dramas have not found that the current costume princesses seem to wear hair crowns, and the shape is almost the same, whether it is fantasy or court drama, a hair crown on the head seems to have become a formula law, as long as there is a hair crown on the head, it can highlight the noble atmosphere and grade. Recalling the previous costume princesses, but there are all kinds of hairstyles, just like Princess Changping in “The Wrong Flower Palanquin Marries Lang”, although she has worn a hair crown, but the hair crown is not the only headdress; The crown style is not a simple mid-head; And in all her princess looks, in addition to the hair crown style, she also has a partial phoenix style.

Of course, the previous style was not the best, but at that time, there were many women’s styling patterns, which was always nostalgic. Nowadays, once the princess in many costume dramas is dressed as a princess, she has a hair crown on her head, and there is no other small headdress except for a hair crown. This kind of dress is indeed clean, generous, highlighting nobility and elegance, but too many such shapes, it is easy to make people tired of it.

Let’s take a look at the hair crown styles of the 7 princesses who are relatively close to today, some of them are indeed beautiful, and some of them live up to the beautiful hair crowns. Yalanzhu in “Fu Shao” is a princess wearing a hair crown, white clothing, with a silver hair crown, the overall holy and elegant, the visual effect is very good.

Pang Zhen in “Phoenix Yi” is a princess who wears a crown, and there are two actors from adolescence to adulthood, but both wear hair crowns. The young Princess Pang Zhen wore green clothes and silver crowns, fresh and beautiful.

Tuobadi in “Splendid Weiyang” is a princess with a golden crown and a simple comb for the middle part. In this drama, hair crowns are not a special treatment for princesses, and Li Changle and Li Weiyang have several hair crowns.

Suihe in “Honey Sinks Like Frost” is a princess with a crystal crown on her head, combing her apple head, and a crystal crown stuck in front of a zongzi-like bun. Wearing a white feather coat, it gives the impression that this is not a peacock, but a crane divine horse …

Lan Xiang in “Phantom City” is a princess with a crown, and the image of our film and television drama mermaid seems to be inseparable from the elements of curly hair, and curly hair plus a hair crown has become a mermaid fairy tale with Western characteristics.

Muyun Yanshuang in “The Legend of Muyun on the Sea” is a princess wearing a crown, with a small silver hair crown, which is inserted alone on the top of her head, and the character image is very heroic and sassy.

Finally, this queen of Yao, who was also the princess of Yimizhou when she was young, had to wear a small and delicate hair crown on a big cake face, which highlighted the hard wounds of her face even more, and I had to admire the aesthetics of the stylist!