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For the baby to wear small underwear, many mothers have doubts, should they wear it for the baby, when is the best time to wear it?

Generally speaking, some babies go to kindergarten at the age of 2-3, mommy should pay attention to wear small inner and lower for them, and even when the baby does not need to wear diapers, they should wear small inner inside, because the baby is still small, the body’s ability to resist bacteria and viruses is still relatively weak, small inner can protect the baby’s private parts, but also avoid contamination with germs, block some impurities in the environment outside, in addition to preventing the baby from touching the genitals with his hands to produce bacteria, and the outer pants are relatively hard, wearing a small inner can prevent friction, Play a protective role, so think that mommy should start to wear small underwear for the baby when the baby is 2-3 years old, and let the baby develop the habit of wearing small underwear as soon as possible, the benefits are really many!

Some moms think that male babies should not wear small underwear too early, which will have an impact on the development of the baby’s genitals, in fact, choose comfortable cotton underwear, the size is appropriate, there is not much impact on the baby, and can also help the baby resist external bacteria and impurities, care for the baby’s health, mommy should wear small underwear to the baby from a young age, let them develop a habit.

All cotton briefs

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The comfortable cotton fabric selected for the baby not only has a particularly good moisture wicking effect, but also is very comfortable to wear, very skin-friendly, built-in high-quality elastic band, does not strangle the waist, and has a convenient and flexible foot design to care for the baby’s health.

Choose a small inner for the baby, try to choose pure cotton material, because pure cotton is soft, breathable, sweat-absorbent, more comfortable to wear, even in summer, do not have to be afraid of breathlessness.

Cotton children’s underwear for 1-3 years old

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A soft skin-like feel of the small inner inside, not only very skin-friendly and breathable, but also give the baby 0 restraint feeling of comfortable experience, the brushed underwear is very gentle and warm, not only does not affect the breathability, but also suitable elasticity, boneless sewing process, is really the baby’s intimate small inner inside.

The baby’s inner inner size should be moderate, too small the baby is uncomfortable to wear, too large to walk inconvenient, if therefore the baby does not like to wear the small inner inside, it is really worth the loss, some people buy clothes when they have the habit of buying a larger size, feel that this is durable, in fact, it is not correct.

Tongtai cotton breathable bread pants

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Very cute cotton bread pants Oh, using A fabric, the baby is very safe to wear, mommy is also very relieved, and wearing loose and breathable, very soft and skin-friendly, without any irritation.

Very clean white small inside, plus cute pattern embellishments, babies like it very much, now there is no fear that the baby will sit anywhere, bacteria invasion is unhygienic.

Lala rabbit cotton children’s panties gift box

A pure cotton, soft and skin-friendly, breathing small inner inside, gentle care for the baby’s little PP, cute little cartoon Q full of fun, and wide and comfortable, to give the baby intimate care.

The baby is very good to wear, and very comfortable and breathable, after the water does not fade, after washing is very soft, and can well prevent the baby’s abdomen from being cold, especially in autumn and winter, the sensitivity of the abdomen to temperature is very high, a little attention to the abdomen cold, the baby is prone to abdominal pain or cold. When the weather is cold, the heat preservation effect of the small inner is particularly prominent.

Cotton-boxer briefs toe

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The use of natural combed cotton fabric, soft and breathable, skin-friendly and delicate, close to the body to give the delicate skin of the little butt the most comfortable experience, and after washing without shrinkage and balls, safe and environmentally friendly, mommy can rest assured to wear the baby.

Wearing a small inner for the baby is a good help to the baby’s independence cultivation and mental development, and more importantly, it is conducive to the baby’s toilet training, and the process of forming regular toileting from an early age is very important for the baby’s growth and development.

Love bear boys’ cotton panties

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The design of wide rubber band is more comfortable to wear, and it will definitely not strangle the baby’s small man’s waist Oh, hehe, and the waist thread is not only good elasticity, but also very skin-friendly and breathable, and the double-layer cotton inner file is healthy and safe, giving the baby better care.

The baby’s inner must be healthy and environmentally friendly printing and dyeing, soaking and scrubbing after not fading, not stimulating the baby’s skin, and also have a good styling treatment, not only not deformation, good resilience, but also very resistant to wear and pull Oh.

Of course, there is no hard rule for whether the baby wears the small inner and when to wear the small inner inside, it must be determined according to the baby’s own development speed, so that the baby gradually adapts, slowly as naturally as wearing clothes, and you can also choose some small inner with the pattern that the baby likes, so that the baby is more likely to accept this small inner and is happier and more willing to wear.

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