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Continued from Part I: The Giraffe Who Feared to Cross the River in the Fairy Tale Series (Part I)

So, the giraffe loves to graze and happily walks to the river. He thought to himself: this time he will definitely be able to eat delicious “green grass”.

Unfortunately, when the giraffe walked to the river and was about to cross the bridge, he found a small bird walking towards the bridge with strawberries. Love of grass suddenly felt a little uncomfortable, finally plucked up the courage to cross the bridge, the bird actually walked on the bridge.

That’s right, this little bird is the spirit. After the last time she learned a lesson, she is now well-behaved. No, she just got some strawberries and is going to take them back to Uncle Da Shu to eat. As for why she didn’t fly back and walk across the bridge, I think she probably started to be naughty again.

The leaves are still so delicious, well, barely passed

Giraffes love to eat grass and wait for the spirit to cross the bridge, and when they are about to go over the bridge, they find that they forgot their alarm clock. Lingling said to himself: Without a clock, how can he know that the time is not early, and he should go back.

So, when the giraffe loves to graze, just turned around and prepared to go back again. Uncle Turtle called out to him: “Young man, you’ve been going back and forth here several times, aren’t you tired?” The giraffe loves to eat grass and says, “I just forgot to bring something, and when I got the alarm clock, I crossed the bridge.” Uncle Turtle shook his head and said seriously: “It’s good to go back before dark, what alarm clock do you want, you are all excuses for not wanting to cross the river, you are obviously a coward.” ”

Haha, be safe in the water

The giraffe loves to eat grass and argues in a low voice: “I, I didn’t make excuses but bridge.” ”

“I just, forgot to bring something. I’m not a coward. The giraffe’s voice was even quieter, and there was no confidence at all.

Uncle Turtle smiled: “Haha, but you are still here, not on the other side of the river!” ”

The giraffe loves to eat grass and is stimulated by the turtle’s words, hurry to the bridge, unconsciously really come to the other bank, taste the dream leaves, and sigh that the “green grass” here is really delicious!

However, I don’t know if the giraffe loves to eat grass and has the courage to cross the bridge and go back.

When the giraffe loved to eat grass and was full, he wiped his mouth and brought some tender “grass” to his mother to taste.

It seems that the giraffe’s love of grazing has overcome its inner fear and can cross the bridge normally.

Life will more or less encounter some setbacks, and sometimes, gritting your teeth passes.

In fact, people like to scare themselves, to imply that there is nothing terrible ahead, and the problems can be solved slowly, so that you will find that many problems are solved.

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