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021-01-20 19:00

Authoring a position statement:

Good winter holiday good for children

Seeing that the time for the children’s winter vacation is getting closer and closer, they have to start planning to prepare some books to spend the holiday. Children are still in preschool age, do not want to pile up the holiday homework too early, the choice of books is more inclined to entertain and educational, and it is more suitable for the atmosphere of the holiday Spring Festival. Walking around the Internet, I found that the new Little Pine, Chimelong Zoological College, and the three major IPs of Le Fun jointly launched point reading:

Tmall Pick

Chinese and English point reading-Little Pierne flagship store-Tmall

Thanks to the fact that the near water building in Guangdong is located in the first month, children often go to Chimelong Wildlife World and Chimelong Ocean Kingdom since they were young, and they are already impressed by Chimelong’s animals and cartoon characters – they bought it.

Here is another episode. Among the many brands of reading pens, Little Pierne has always relied on English resources to stand alone, and before purchasing Little Pierne’s caterpillar reading pen, it was also fancy its massive selection of English original picture books. This time, I saw that Little Pierne went out to read a Chinese little, or together with the children’s favorite flipping book brand fun since childhood, I once thought that I was looking away, until I confirmed that the official flagship store was available, I sighed that Little Pierne is now also starting to work in Chinese and English at the same time, and I probably don’t have to worry about the problem of fewer Chinese picture books in the future.

There are two books in this set of books at the Chimelong Zoological Academy, using 12 folios that are two circles larger than ordinary 16-karat children’s books. “Animal World” corresponds to Guangzhou Chimelong Wildlife World, “Ocean Kingdom” corresponds to Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, the animals involved in it are taken from Chimelong’s existing animal resources, if you want to take your children to Chimelong during the holidays, it is very helpful to preview in advance.

As the flagship brand of domestic high-quality flip books, Le Fun is probably what is worth buying every “worthy of the second generation” childhood love reading, the production has always been online, the logo of “green printing products” is also a guarantee of printing quality.

After the WIFI version of the caterpillar reading pen is connected, clicking on the book cover will automatically download the reading package, which is very convenient.

“Animal World” consists of eight parts: world animal distribution, grassland, rainforest, mountains and wetlands, temperate forests, Oceania ecosphere, deserts and wastelands, and zoos, and each page has a flipping and bouncing mechanism, where Chimelong’s signature cute cool panda triplets, koalas, camels, lions, golden monkeys, etc. can be seen.

The classic elements of book within a book, flipping through, turning, pulling and pulling these fun flipping books are a lot in the book, and they also make the fun of reading sharply increase.

Different from the flat reading method of ordinary point reading, the three-dimensional mechanism of this set of Chimelong Zoological College flip books can also be clicked, so that the reading method has evolved from two-dimensional to three-dimensional, and the sense of experience is quite different.

There are more than 100 kinds of animals in the book, and clicking on each animal on the page will not only provide audio introduction, but also hear animal sounds and even dialogue.

Chimelong mascot Little White Tiger Kaka is interspersed with it, and for such content with large paragraphs of text, click and read, even if there is no adult to explain the children, you can easily understand.

“Ocean Kingdom” is also composed of eight parts: vast ocean, seashore, coral reef, pelagic ocean, deep sea, polar animals, from the ocean to rivers, and the aquarium.

Probably because the sea creatures are relatively large, the three-dimensional effect in “Ocean Kingdom” is more spectacular than “Animal World”.

Although the number of animals is similar to that of “Animal World”, there are more than a hundred, but the design of various organs is richer.

The sea kingdom’s mascot, the elf, will also accompany the book at all times.

For families who have been to Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, they must remember the huge glass curtain wall in the whale shark pavilion, and there are also replicas in the book.

The design of reading + three-dimensional + flipping does combine the advantages of the three well, which is a perfect match for preschoolers who are not fully recognized at the beginning and are very interested in animals. Even at an older age, the knowledge in the book is enough for elementary school children to understand and digest.

If there is any disadvantage, it is probably that only sixteen parts are still unfinished after reading, and I hope that more animals will be added to the book. Fortunately, Little Pierne has also launched many Chinese picture books recently, and he looks forward to continuing to develop and grow.

However, at the current threshold of winter vacation and Spring Festival, it is still very appropriate to have such a book to accompany, and it can also be used as a warm-up for the holiday – not to mention, the baby is clamoring to take her to Changlong.