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As for autumn pants, most people can be said to love and hate them, like their cold and warm effect, and are tired of its lack of fashion sense. Especially today’s young people, when it is time to wear autumn pants, they have to be repeatedly told by their mothers to wear them reluctantly.

Because of this,

People are often not as attentive as other clothes when buying autumn pants, resulting in many people often “stepping on thunder” when buying autumn pants

Next, let’s talk about buying autumn pants~

4 tips for choosing autumn pants:

01. Breathable perspiration is more important than keeping warm

When most people buy autumn pants, they will put warmth first, and ignore the importance of breathable perspiration.

Keeping warm is naturally important, otherwise who will wear autumn pants, but if the sweating effect is not good, a little sweat will feel sticky when worn, and the sweat accumulated in the legs cannot be discharged immediately, but it is easy to get cold.

Pure cotton keeps warm but breathable sweat wicking effect is not good, try to avoid; It is recommended to choose moisture conduction and quick drying effect, such as acrylic, polyester, spandex, modal and so on.

02. Choose good flexibility

Autumn pants with poor elasticity, really uncomfortable to wear, loose and crumbly are neither warm nor beautiful.

Autumn pants containing lycra ingredients in the fabric have a better elastic effect

, When purchasing, just look at the product label to know whether it contains LYCRA. Other than that

Laika pants are washed and durable

, easy to wear without affecting the body feeling.

03. Choose light and soft

In the traditional concept, it is always believed that the thicker the autumn pants, the warmer, resulting in many people who are afraid of cold will choose thread pants, velvet pants, and cotton wool pants to enhance warmth.

With the advancement of modern technology,

Autumn pants with good warmth effect are made relatively light

Even the plush style is still light, soft and comfortable to wear. The only downside is that

Cashmere autumn pants are prone to static electricity, so natural fibers such as cashmere and cotton are preferred in materials.

04. Choose a stylish look

Today’s autumn pants, in the style design has been greatly improved, although not required to be too fashionable, but at least it does not look too rustic, even if worn in it will affect the mood.

Most of the light and thin autumn pants on the market are more fashionable, and with some stretch belt designs, they look like a pair

“Long panties”

, can basically meet the aesthetic needs of the public.

Autumn pants brand recommendation:



: Hengyuanxiang, Arctic Velvet, Antarctica, Cat People, Red Beans, Three Guns and other domestic brands, the price is below 100 yuan, and there are discounts when doing activities.



: Domestic Bosideng, foreign Uniqlo, Wacoal, Triumph are all good choices, the style design is thin and fashionable, very suitable for young people.


Breathable and comfortable

: Warm love, Hengyuanxiang, Ordos, the price is between 300~800 yuan, the style is light and warm, mainly pure color basic model.



: Heida Marie, Patagonia, Archaeopteryx and other outdoor brands, their autumn pants design style is sporty, almost meet all wearing needs, that is, the price of more than 800 yuan is a bit expensive. And I personally feel that if it were not in the alpine region, there would be no need to buy such excellent autumn pants.


The weather is getting colder, babies who are not yet wearing autumn pants, hurry up and buy a suitable pair of autumn pants, don’t wait until you have old cold legs to regret it.

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