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Today I will share with you the production method of milk soap, which is applicable to breast milk, milk, goat milk, etc., let’s take a look at the specific operation method

To weigh good milk, you need to freeze the milk in advance (the high temperature of the alkali will destroy the nutrients in the milk, and the high temperature will also make the milk flocculent and not completely compatible)

In order to maximize the preservation of nutrients in milk, we can take an appropriate amount of pure water, with just enough sodium hydroxide to dissolve sodium hydroxide in pure water

The temperature of the freshly dissolved alkali can reach about 100°, and we can wait for the temperature to drop a little before mixing it with frozen milk, so that the nutrients in the milk can be preserved to the greatest extent

Prepare to weigh the grease

When the temperature of lye and grease is about 40°, we can pour milk alkali into the oil; When pouring again, please use a small number of times, pour a little and stir for a short time

Start stirring vigorously, at least the first 10 minutes of continuous stirring without stopping, stirring is to allow the lye and grease to fully carry out the saponification reaction, insist; When the soap becomes viscous, we can prepare to enter the mold (draw 8 characters on the surface of the soap liquid to see obvious marks)

After thickening, we can pour into the mold, and pour slowly when pouring to avoid the generation of bubbles, and you can use a spatula if it is uneven

It takes about 24-48 hours to demold (this time is not absolute, you can decide the demolding time according to the hardness of the soap)

After demolding, leave the soap for about a month and wait for the saponification to be completely ready for use

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