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Coats are a must-have item for many people in autumn and winter, but many girls feel a little rotten when they wear coats, do not know how to choose the right style and color, then your outfit may seem a little tacky, so this article will introduce Miki blogger’s fashionable outfit, her clothes are undoubted, copy her matching, your clothes will be improved a lot, help you to a new height of beauty. What is inside the winter “coat”? Learn Miki bloggers to dress like this and be a woman with taste!

Choosing a coat is an extremely critical thing, want to wear a good look fashionable, the color of the coat is not too dull, such as Miki can always choose the right color to modify their skin, the blue coat below is also very fresh to wear, this kind of light blue coat presents a gentle and refreshing temperament, saturation is not very high, daily matching is also very suitable.

This blue coat is worn up, making Miki instantly ten years younger, plus a white knitwear dress worn inside, the inner layer looks gentle and comfortable, and the combination of the coat is not inconsistent, and can even show a full of elegance, charming.

Blue and white are the most matching colors, so many sisters like white items and blue coats layered, such as the blue coat below combined with white wide-leg pants, through loose wide-leg pants to modify the figure, and the coat can also show a sense of layering, avoid monotony and boring.

In order to make the whole match look less monotonous, with a blue undershirt, the layering is very strong, and the color of the blue sweater and the coat are coordinated with each other, which looks very charming, which is more attractive than the bells and whistles, and it doesn’t matter if you wear it all winter.

The second is the pink coat, pink can be called a tender artifact, want to look young and beautiful and fashionable, the pink coat below is definitely worth trying, gentle nude pink on the body is very elegant and sweet, plus pink coat combined with white knitwear, borrowing this layering to enhance the layering of the shape, get rid of monotony and boring, it is definitely worth a try.

The shape of the coat is also very simple, the silhouette coat shows a dashing and neat temperament, and this silhouette coat is also a mid-length model, the length is near the knee, which effectively modifies our body proportions, suitable for small girls to learn from. The lower body is paired with a pair of loose wide-leg pants, covering the flesh to show thin and high, which is very durable.

How can you stand out in autumn and winter? In addition to the shape and style of the clothes, the color is also an extremely critical point, so Miki’s coat is very exciting every time, the red coat below is even more vibrant to wear, the beautiful red reflects the mature charm, the aura is full, plus the black undershirt matches, simple and fashionable and thin.

This coat is also a corset design, the treatment of the waist can show our small waist, if you are worried that the coat always covers your curves, you can learn from this design to adjust your proportions, and no longer have to worry about the figure. Miki’s sense of delicacy can be seen from the outfit, because she also combines a black wide-brimmed hat when she wears a coat, the blessing of this hat modifies the facial features, and can also protect against the wind and warmth, both practical and beautiful, you who love beauty may also try to start for yourself~

Dull winter, if you can choose a green coat for yourself, it is really a good thing, the fresh and romantic green gives the shape more vitality, the style shown is also very gentle, the green coat below can express the wearer’s fashionable temperament, the girdle treatment shrinks the waistline, super show the figure.

Miki wears a white turtleneck undershirt and a checked suit, which meets the need for warmth and adds layers to the match, showing a chic look. The lower body is paired with black boots, which keep warm and thin and show long legs, and the petite eyebrows will inevitably love it.

After watching Miki’s collocation, I was really fanned, and seeing the above wonderful coat look, the sisters liked that set more? If you want to have a good temperament, try to learn these combinations of hers and make you unique this winter. Disclaimer: The text is original, and the picture comes from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact us to delete, thank you. Text/9