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Recently, there have been a lot of online activities, buying a pair of pants that can wear both business and outdoor sports is my original intention, business commuting wear and can also take care of the outdoors, in fact, the brand has been clearly defined, benchmarking Arc’teryx Archaeopteryx quick-drying pants, choosing the Canadian brand westcomb, comparing its overall fabric and craftsmanship, choosing to start Pertex® Equilibrium double-layer fabric Ridge LT quick-drying pants.

In fact, from the naming of this pants, it can be seen that westcomb uses the Canadian brand’s consistent naming method, westcomb Ridge LT quick-drying pants use the fabric of Pertex company’s Equilibrium series, Pertex®® Equilibrium fabric uses a double-layer woven structure, the outer fabric structure is tighter, and has a certain scratch-proof ability, the inner fabric weaving has a stronger moisture conductivity and breathability and fast drying, The unique weaving method of double-woven fabric makes good use of the pressure difference between inside and outside to create a balanced microclimate environment for the body, and achieves a good effect of moisture drainage and ventilation.

The double-woven structure is what appealed to me, the pants not only have a lightweight function but also have a four-sided stretch effect.

From the appearance alone, these pants may only be suitable for business wear, simple and smart with a slim effect, are a good feature of commuting business wear, westcomb Ridge LT quick-drying pants crotch uses a three-dimensional cut.

The three-dimensional cut of the crotch extends to the leg position, and the inner thigh is spliced with the crotch fabric, so that this part can increase the extension under force after wearing.

The pants are made and stitched in a regular position, and the adhesive sewing process is used to achieve weight reduction and at the same time, the adhesive will be more firm and more comfortable to the touch. These pants can see the adhesive process treatment in different parts such as the door and the leg of the trousers, and seeing this internal process treatment will avoid being complained by friends about why they don’t buy birds at the same price.

The inner lining of the trouser pocket is made of mesh material, soft touch, rare is that the depth of the trouser pocket is also considerable, although the front trouser pocket is not equipped with a zipper, but the angle and depth of the pocket are reasonably matched, which can effectively avoid the trouble of falling items.

The waist of the trousers has also been treated accordingly, and the inner lining is also added, the inner lining uses a comfortable touch suede fabric, and the width of the suede fabric is also adjusted well, effectively dispersing the contact force of the waist, this pants choose M size size, the official website gives CM as a unit waist size is more accurate.

Westcomb Ridge LT quick-drying pants inside the pants seam with the fabric Pertex Equilibrium label, before buying this pants before in-depth understanding of Pertex series fabrics, Pertex has always been at the forefront of lightweight technical fabric design, as a supplier of many European and American first-line brands, Pertex®®®® series fabrics are comparable to bird-used fabrics in terms of lightweight moisture conduction and fast drying.

In fact, the experience angle interpretation of a pants is still a bit abstract, for an outdoor sports wearing functional pants, as a consumer aesthetic angle must be the first perspective, for myself, pants more than 500 price, not only can only meet aesthetic needs, fabric design wearing comfort performance, and to meet different wearing environments are what I need to weigh, in order to better test the outdoor wearing effect of this pants, deliberately choose a desert island environment for experience.

Choose to experience this desert island located in Zhoushan, high humidity and climbing and hiking along the coastline, high requirements for pants to guide moisture and breathe, fast drying, good durability of pants during climbing, anti-scratch of jungle through fabrics, comfort of tailoring during hiking, antibacterial and splash-proof properties of fabrics, etc. are key factors.

On the day of the experience, I happened to encounter showers, and the rain gradually decreased when I went to the island, but the road on the island basically became a stream, and the feeling of stuffiness improved slightly after the rain, but the sun loomed, the air humidity was still very large, along the way to the coastline, light rain hit the pants and water droplets stayed on the pants fabric, the lotus leaf effect is obvious, and it fell off after a few shakes, it can be said that this pants has a good water repellent effect.

In fact, before buying this pants, I learned that this pants uses DWR water repellent treatment, the purpose of using DWR coating is that water can form small water droplets when it drips onto the surface of the garment or slip directly off the surface of the garment to prevent the fabric from absorbing moisture, and at the same time, it also makes it easier to remove the oil stains attached to the surface of the clothing. Westcomb Ridge LT quick-drying pants offer excellent water resistance without the use of perfluorinated compounds, which is a good interpretation of the dual-woven fabric Pertex® Equilibrium’s ability to balance microclimates with a single guide to wet and quick-drying.

Pertex® Equilibrium fabric inner fabric net better to eliminate moisture, while the outer layer of water vapor less ingress, does not affect breathable and fast drying performance and a certain water repellent effect, this in the desert island sweltering forest through hiking, play a good role, the experience will maintain a good dry comfort, the forest hot moisture will not invade the skin surface through the fabric.

The tight outer net fabric, in the process of walking through the hiking, the scratch-proof ability when passing through the weeds and bush belt is also satisfactory to me, in other words, the pants at this price are really bought for X, for this experience the heart is dripping blood, fortunately I really didn’t find a hook after coming back to clean.

After the rain, walking through the sweltering area of the forest on the island, the pants do not feel sticky and feel good, but the double-woven structure and DWR coating treatment will still have a little UV protection.

If you want to experience the overall performance of pants more comprehensively, during outdoor sports climbing, large-scale movement on sewing strength tear resistance, fabric wear resistance during trouser climbing, fabric extension and joint detail design can more intuitively express the performance of pants, it can be said that this pants did not disappoint me.

Outdoor sports, especially climbing lines, femoral and knee flexion and extension exercises, the hip and knee joint surfaces of pants are bound to increase, this part design is very important for pants, the experience process does meet my needs for rock wall climbing, climbing or descending walking process can move freely, there is no feeling of dragging.

During the climb, I encountered a narrow rock wall, and when I used the mountaineering to match the limbs, this time can actually test the overall fit design of the pants.

In fact, this time I am most satisfied with the absolute crotch wearing experience, after the previous quick-drying pants large amount of exercise, sweat soaked the pants, the skin will become sticky, after the jumping process of the rock wall, the crotch and legs can not be freely stretched, and this effect of these pants has a good improvement.

The European brand I bought before has a suitable waistline, the length of the trousers will drag, and this pants makes me more satisfied is the length of the pants, I am about 170CM, 66KG, the length of the pants can be said to be matched with hiking shoes can also be matched with casual shoes when commuting, and the legs are glued sewing technology, and the rope hole design is added, and you can configure the tightening rope to tighten the cuffs.

The trouser pocket is actually a detail I care about, the body angle changes, the poor design of the trouser pocket will make the waist very uncomfortable, and the depth of the angle of this trouser pocket is reasonable, and the front pocket hides a small pocket, the depth can be put down tactical pens and outdoor knives.

Westcomb Ridge LT quick-drying pants add a back pocket design, using YKK pull lock, the lock control is very small, in fact, the chance of using it is not large, and I don’t like the back pocket very much, but the measured waist buckle accessory back pocket can play a storage role, but more I think this is a decorative role.

Fabric lightweight and fast-drying technology, the benefit is that this pants are compatible with the scene will be worn a lot, this lightweight can also be worn when running, and the pants slimming effect is also good, simulating trail running jumping action, the body feeling is also good.

After the experience

A toss down the pants are not worn, no scratch is the greatest relief, buy this price to really wear out the courage will not have a second time, after all, this fabric comfort performance, three-dimensional cut fit, especially the length of the pants are very suitable for their own business wear, and also choose versatile black, pants good or bad I don’t think more repetition, this environment tossed down feel really good, research down the current brand has entered the Chinese market, and is a Canadian Chinese company rather than an agent, I think the after-sales problem is also another reason why I chose this brand, I hope this brand does not disobey it, at least the after-sales has understood the Chinese tune, and finally said that outdoor sports safety must be the key, do not imitate the rock wall jumping action.