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With a compact car of about 70,000, what car can you think of? The first thing that comes to mind is Skoda Xindong, Skoda Xindong is a small-size A-class car owned by Volkswagen Skoda, this car is very popular on the market, many people like this car because this car looks good, and parking is very good. Next, this 2020 1.5L automatic sports version of Skoda Xindong is brought to everyone. Xindong The guide price is 7.79-109,900 yuan.

2020 1.5L Automatic Sport Skoda The front of the Xindong presents a stylish design style, a small concave shaped grille, and a layered front headlight group, making it feel quite young and giving a very eye-catching visual effect.

Look at the size of this car 4312/1706/1475mm, the wheelbase is 2603mm, the tires are from the Maggis, the front/rear tires are 195/55 R16, such a small size is very similar to its sister model Golf, both cars are mainly for domestic use, but Xindong is cheaper and has a wider audience.

At the rear of the car, Xindong adopts a fully flat waistline, gentle and smooth lines, with a good visual effect, and on the exhaust pipe, the car’s hidden exhaust layout and lights are very eye-catching.

2020 1.5L Automatic Sport Skoda The interior styling of Xindong follows the family-style design language, with silver accessories, which is in line with the positioning of the sedan. In addition, this car is equipped with twelve configurations such as car networking, tire pressure display, and traction control.

In terms of seats, the 2020 1.5L automatic sports version of Skoda Xindong seat is wrapped in leather/fabric material, and under the embellishment of stitching, there is a certain sense of grade The seat shape is full of youthful vitality, further highlighting the fashion temperament, but the front seats do not support electric adjustment.

This car reflects the title of the magician of mass space, the 4.3-meter length of the car has enough rear space, and it is completely enough to travel with friends and many people.

Looking at the power configuration of this car, this car is equipped with a 1.5-liter naturally aspirated machine, the maximum horsepower is 112 horsepower, the peak torque is 145 Nm, the matching 6AT gearbox, the overall quality of the gearbox is relatively excellent, whether it is usually traveling at home or long-distance travel is more suitable. Fuel consumption 5.6L per 100 km.

Comments: After reading the real car experience above, there must be a lot of views on Xindong, let’s summarize them. For everyday cars, ┼áKODA Sign’s low fuel consumption can help consumers save a lot of money, and its compact body can move freely around the city, in addition, its exterior, interior and comfort performance are also excellent. Friends who are interested in this car can go to the 4S shop to experience it for themselves.