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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Ah, it’s almost April!

The first quarter of 17 years is over!

Have those wishes made by the fairies come true!

(As I get older, I feel that time is really getting faster and faster)

Be sure to follow what you want and move forward

Recently I also had a small holiday

Fairies travel in addition to applying more sunscreen

Putting a piece of powder in your bag is also a great way to touch up makeup

(Ayu always carries powder with her!) )

Give the fairies some useful powder today

Of course, there are also fairies who ask

Is it better to apply powder with a brush or a puff?

Na, in fact, you can use a brush for makeup at home, the finish is relatively light, you can use a puff outside, because it is more convenient, and the oil to touch up the makeup, will not look very heavy!

Elegance Yariguez Ultimate Beauty Powder

The super famous E flatbread, wiped the flatbread after makeup is like a beauty, the skin is super shiny, and the instant atomization brightens invisible pores. Perfect for fairies who like refreshing makeup

CPB Bright Face Powder

CPB This powder looks good! It’s a creamy wet and dry powder with a delicate powder that applies a refreshing fit to effectively cover fine lines and create a smooth and perfect plain finish. This one is perfect for fairies with uneven skin tones, and even skin tone is fantastic

Armani creamy powder SPF17 PA++

Armani’s powder is the same powder of his catwalk model, the appearance is luxurious, the powder is super delicate, the upper face is very natural, and it does not leave powder marks when stacked many times, but I hope that its leather can be used to make bags and clothes well, and don’t use it to spoil the powder puff!

Chanel Youth Glow Moisturizing Powder SPF10

Ayu has fragrant grandma this powder, usually used to touch up makeup and take pictures very good~, the powder is a little coarse but not dry or oily, and the pressure is also very solid. The color numbers are yellow, buy this really have to go to the counter to try the color!

Dior Curd High Efficiency Moisturizing Powder FPS25 SPF PA++

Dior’s moisturizing powder is a must-have for many professional stylists. The surface of the powder is covered with mica particles of seaweed extract, so the powder is a bit coarse, coarser than Grandma Xiang, but it can absorb excess moisture in humid air and moisturize the skin


Wet and dry powder SPF12

Barbie Polang’s powder is super delicate! Contains fine soft-focus particles, refines pores, fine lines and wrinkles, has good moisturizing power, will not appear peeling and dryness, suitable for dry skin fairies with better skin quality

Helena Perfect Pro-moist Powder SPF15

HR This powder is really great to hold, not only does it last for a long time, but it is also particularly moisturizing, containing more than 40% water and protective oil, which makes it appear natural and shiny in the complexion, and the coverage is also good

Chantica clear dual-purpose powder

A powder recommended by Xiao S! Chanteca’s powder has not had that beautiful flannel bag since it was replaced with a new one, and planning will save money! The powder is known for being super delicate, light finish, easy to use without jamming powder and oil control, very close to the skin

French Guerlain diamond bright powder

Guerlain’s little gold brick powder is probably the most moisturizing powder, very suitable for dry skin, the powder is very delicate, can be very good to even out skin tone and brighten the complexion, covering pores and acne scars The effect is great

THREE timephased powder SPF24 PA++

THREE This segmented powder, the official website gives the usage of dark color is for morning use, light color is for afternoon touch-up. If the skin is relatively dry, it can be mixed, the texture is delicate and clear, and the coverage effect is average, but the finish is very natural!

CANMAKE Marshmasses Oil Control Powder

A chopping girl marshmallow that is very popular with the student party! The price is very close to the people, the oil control effect is super, but if you use a puff, it will be a little heavy, and it will be better to match a brush yourself.

CEZANNE Sun Protection Concealer Powder SPF18

Clinoli’s powder is also very cost-effective, powder can, good coverage, moderate finish, dry and wet are good, wet use is more suitable, its color is white, must be well chosen, otherwise it will be very white.

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