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The summer heat is approaching, and you are still struggling to wear thin heels? The platform slipper craze is back! Platform shoes are not only a height booster for short girls, but also the darling of modern fashion circles. If you don’t believe me, let’s take a look at the major brand shows in recent years!

Versace Spring/Summer 2021

Bottega Veneta Spring/Summer 2021

Staud’s Women’s Collection for Early Fall 2021

Some people must be worried about how to choose and match platform slippers to be fashionable? This is open for you!


Who says elegance and slippers are irrelevant?

In the general impression of people, stiletto heels can become a piece that represents women’s tenderness, but as platform slippers begin to explode, shoes that look a little bulky and ingenious wear can also have a special taste, and this style can also successfully occupy a place in the “gentle wind” and can also show off the elegant taste.

The square-toe thick-soled flip-flops worn by fashion blogger Xenia Adonts can be said to combine several major elements of fashion in recent years, sheer tops and small suit pants, combined with this pair of thick-soled flip-flops, comfortable reveals sexiness, sexy with a little elegance.

Suits can appear feminine gentle with a competency, coffee color suit with coffee color platform slippers, is it your dish? Whether it is the choice of items or the matching of colors in the whole set, it is a style that is not easy to make mistakes, and it is not rushed!

Fashion blogger Maria Bernad loves retro style, and in this outfit, irregular bright long dress and Gucci retro slippers are strong retro style.

Do the three items of black gloss, wedge heel and thick bottom make you think of “the pinnacle of earth”? But this set of collocations has an inexplicable sense of high fashion.

Did supermodel Xiaowen’s black slip dress and black platform shoes poke you? This outfit is perfect for hot summer days! Whether it’s the simplicity of black platform slippers or the matching of black slip dresses, the fashion is just right!

If you choose platform slippers to wear a sense of tenderness is really unimaginable, then you can work hard in terms of matching, a simple beret can complement and match platform slippers, just like this street photo, navy blue clothing and black platform slippers match, enough to give people a Hepburn feeling?

The choice of color also makes platform slippers one of the “gentle” magic weapons, such as the cherry blossom pink in the picture gives new life to this pair of seemingly bulky platform slippers, and a color scheme makes a pair of bulky platform slippers contain cute and gentle.

Besides cherry blossom powder, what other color do you think of to represent tenderness? It must be pure and immaculate white! But white platform shoes don’t necessarily look good, but we can choose to pair green platform slippers with white long skirts, which not only reflect the gentleness, but also contain the fashion items and fashion colors of this year’s fire.

Jil Sander

Jil Sander released an ultra-stylish platform flip-flop in 2021, both the lace part and the sole part have been changed to a thicker design, and the elegant dress is incompatible with the seemingly bulky platform flip-flops.


Gucci’s Princetown series slippers are already a pair of hands, in order to avoid “bumping shoes” when going out, we can try this pair of thick-soled slippers, the color scheme is simple and retro, but also properly heightened and versatile.

Bottega Veneta

How many colors does BV green like but dare not try easily? BV’s green platform slippers can be boldly tried by you to match high-end fashion and be very versatile!

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Playful and cute isn’t just small

It’s hard to think of choosing to match with such bulky platform shoes, then you must not have chosen the right variety of items to match with her, don’t worry, let’s see how you hipsters combine platform shoes with cute style!

Candy color is prevalent, what will the combination of platform shoes and candy color look like? The combination of ordinary jeans and bright orange platform shoes makes the overall style no longer ordinary.

BV green can also be applied to cute wind! This bright green color is not daunting to many people, but this look is paired with a white slip dress and green platform shoes, which is fresh and cute.

Of course, bright orange can not only appear on platform shoes, if a whole set of matches like Susie Lau choose orange as the main color will be more sunny and cute, orange fur platform slippers also match the color of the top.

Shoe shape is also one of the elements that can influence the overall style. The round toe cap will add a lot of cute feeling to the bulky platform shoes, and when combined with the skirt, it is fashionable and cute.

How can you do without the routine operation of suspenders and shorts on a hot summer day? This combination will look ordinary no matter what shoes you use, but you can choose slippers with thick soles! While lengthening the leg proportions, you can also apply this year’s fashion items to the extreme.

If the suspenders can’t adapt to the workplace, it is okay to change to a sleeveless jacket. In this set, the platform slippers of the same color as the shorts, the shoes are some heavy but more compact, and the unique colors and patterns are also a highlight of this shoe.

Kong Xueer’s pleated short skirt and UGG platform slippers are not only pure and cute, but also a unique fashion.

Simon Miller

Simon Miller seems to have opened the design of the slipper this year, with a gummy-like look, new and cute, and a little retro.

Of course, Simon Miller has more than one style, and these two ultra-thick-soled slippers are also the favorite of many fashionistas.

Fashion consultant Maria Bernad is very keen on Simon Miller’s platform slippers, which combine with bright colors and dresses, playful and elegant.


Ganni’s platform shoes are also a hot item! The texture and style of the laces add a lot of cute feelings to this shoe.

Tall girls can also try these Ganni platform slippers, which retain the laces of the platform above and reduce the thickness of the soles a lot.


Athleisure is more than just sneakers

What do you think of sports wind? Is it black comfortable sports, casual shoes, of course, more than that, comfort is of course the specialty of slippers, why can’t you choose platform slippers for sports style?

Kendall Jenner also chooses platform slippers in her daily private clothes, such as this set, she uses a casual wide version of the blazer, white tight short top and loose suit pants with BV platform slippers, this casual and sporty outfit is not too obtrusive even at work.

Yeezy’s slippers must be a household name, simple shape, high comfort, sporty style. In Kendall Jenner’s daily outfit, Yeezy’s platform slippers are simply one of her favorite items, combined with yoga pants and cropped tops or sports bras, which are both athleisure and sexy hot girls.

Yoga pants with platform slippers are a favorite of many fashionistas, and Hailey Bieber is also an “avid fan” of this way of dressing, black sports bras and black yoga pants enhance the highlight of the whole outfit with bright platform slippers.

The outfit of missing underwear is also one of the ways to wear that has been popular for many years and is still out of fashion. Camille Charriere chose to combine a bright loose shirt with Yeezy’s platform slippers, which is classic, stylish, and super sporty!

Nicholas Kirkwood’s platform slippers are also a favorite of many fashionistas, such as fashion editor Shen Jieya’s off-white jumpsuit in daily private clothes, which is fashionable, simple and comfortable.


Yeezy platform slippers have a rounded and heavy overall shape, with an open toe wide upper structure and a zigzag outfield, thick and versatile. These platform slippers are also the darling of many fashionistas.


Kenzo’s spring/summer 2021 collection introduces a new air-cushioned slippers with a novel design, increased versatility, and a strong sports style.

The so-called people should not look, and the same is true of shoes. Seemingly ugly, clumsy platform slippers can also be worn with a stylish, high-class feel. Summer is here, so let’s put on your platform slippers together!

Dress inspiration

Dress inspiration