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As a fashion person, of course, you will not miss the popular elements every year! What popular natural furs are worth chasing in 2019? What are the new trends? And how beautifully is it interpreted? Fashion celebrities, look early and beautiful!

In the latest season, designers emphasize the overall shape is simple and smooth, deconstructivist details, asymmetrical shapes, the mixing and matching of fur and other materials, the collision and combination of colors, the rhythm change of long and short hair, and the addition of geometric patterns, various checks, and animal patterns, adding novelty and nobility to fur. The combination of traditional fur craftsmanship and innovative techniques, as well as the integration of fashion elements, enhances the sense of quality of fur, and enriches the sense of expression and fashion. The use of fur elements as embellishments is even more creative, with an unexpected fashion style, strong wearability and personality.

In the 2019 fur fashion, big-name designers have transformed fur from traditional winter fabrics to seasonal fashion through design breakthroughs and technological innovations, making fur lighter and more breathable, and can be worn in relatively warm seasons such as spring and autumn. At the same time, the designers used quilting, weaving, splicing, inlay, embroidery, interleather, nitro dyeing, mixing and matching, etc., and used fur with silk, velvet, lace, chiffon and other spring and summer fabrics in the overall shape, so that the fur is also light and flowing, and the short fur jacket is more free and lean.


Alexander Wang

The thick, gentle Mink mink has been particularly popular on the fashion stage these two years. Because mink has many colors and beautiful colors, there are more than 25 natural colors, including white, black, pearl, violet, sapphire, medium brown, dark brown and so on. It can be said that the little fairies can think of all the fashion colors. Black and white are still very popular in 2019 and are very cool. Alexander Wang uses the latest nitro dyeing technology to give the black mink a metallic hue that accentuates luxury. VALENTINO, on the other hand, reveals the ingenuity of details in its stylish, elegant and generous design.

South West Ten

The long, gentle Silver fox shines brightly, whether it’s black and white fur or light fur, it’s fashionable to mix and match with any fabric and decorate any outfit. South West Ten’s fashion is a combination of luxury and fashion, and it is full of personality!


The soft and rich Blue fox, the fashion jacket and coat jacket with a variety of colors and outstanding personality, it is difficult to dislike it! Even the fur collar and trim of winter clothing can find a balance between elegance and personality, and suddenly arouse the desire of fairies to buy!


Brunello Cucinelli

North American beaver North American beaver fur is soft, dark brown, reddish brown or golden yellow natural fur directly made into fashion is enough to amaze everyone, does BALLY’s coat express a low-key luxury? Many Italian fur designers like beaver fur, and the Italian brand Brunello Cucinelli, known for its raw material quality, designed this long coat with a needle-pulling and dyed beaver suit collar, which perfectly combines the toughness, simplicity and chic of men’s clothing with the softness, delicacy and sophistication of women’s clothing, forming a unique style.

Soft and silky, with a unique and beautiful blue-gray gradient and white, jet black, violet, sapphire Chinchilla Chinchilla fur, even small fur products, trim, is also fashionable! This cropped top uses the natural texture of fur to create an artistic stripe effect, which is particularly dynamic in the shade of color, does it look neat and simple?


Dense, soft and charming, the precious Sable sable is the most popular variety of top fur, and it is so gentle and warm to wear that it is fairy and beautiful, which really pokes the hearts of little fairies! Nellosanti’s fashion uses the same color of sable, which vividly interprets the sense of luxury, interpreting the elegance and atmosphere of women! Its clean silhouette and superb fit create the coolness of modern urbanites who coexist with elegance and fashion.


Lynx fur is soft and warm, and the fashion made is swaying and expressive, and has always been loved by fashion designers. This Dennis-basso costume design is classic, but the rich pattern of the lynx makes it attractive to fashionistas. The famous Italian luxury brand FENDI also has a soft spot for lynx, and every autumn and winter haute couture launch will launch a fur style using lynx cat skin.

After counting so many fashionable furs and talking about so many cute animals, are we cruel? No, you know, the natural fur sold around the world now comes mainly from North America, Russia, Northern Europe and China. More than 90% of the fur comes from animal farms, and in order to ensure the quality of the fur, animal farmers are very concerned about the welfare of animals, and carefully manage the farms to provide adequate nutrition and a good living environment for animals. Even if a small number of wild animals are wild, hunting activities are strictly regulated by local governments: all hunters must obtain licenses, and the season, species and number of hunting are limited, so that different species of wild animals can maintain a certain number and maintain natural ecological balance.

Therefore, the style displayed by natural fur is very varied, which not only captures many lovers of beauty, but also is a high-end environmentally friendly material favored by many designers. In 2019, the splicing of different varieties of leather will completely break the previous situation of a single mink dominating the winter fur category. Gorgeous, bold, and personalized designs combined with a wide variety of fur craftsmanship, it will attract the younger generation of consumers to become fans of fur fashion.

In addition, what Xiaobian needs to tell you is that in addition to traditional mink, silver foxes, blue foxes, red foxes, gray foxes, raccoon raccoon dogs, beavers, muskrats and other high-end fur clothing accessories will be brilliantly displayed at the 2019 BIFE Beijing International Fur Leather Products Fair held on January 16-18, 2019. In 2019, BIFE will set up more than 300 booths, attracting many overseas enterprises from nearly 10 countries and regions to participate in the exhibition. The 2019 BIFE will also introduce the Italian pavilion for the first time and the 2019 Fushion Night catwalk, bringing the fashion trends of European fur clothing, and displaying the latest craftsmanship, fabrics, styles and styles of fur from a forward-looking and multi-angle display. In particular, the high-quality sable, lynx and cyan purple blue high-end tailoring ready-to-wear from Italian high-end fur brand Nello Santi will make you fall in love with it!

2019 Fur Trends is modern and luxurious at the same time! 2019 BIFE will be a fur feast that you can’t miss in fashion!