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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

2019-03-20 10:44 | Wenling Daily-Zhejiang News Client | Reporter Zheng Lingzhi

As the saying goes, there are thousand-year-old trees in the mountains, and it is rare to meet centenarians in the world. Not long ago, Lin Sitong, an old man who lives in Huitou Lin Village, Jiheng Town, just celebrated his 100th birthday.

The children and grandchildren lived in harmony, filial and considerate to him, and the old man’s old age was happy and satisfactory.

Five generations in the same household, there are 93 descendants

Lin Sitong was born in 1919 and has six daughters and two sons, and the eldest daughter is also 81 years old this year. The elderly have 44 grandchildren, 34 great-grandchildren, 3 great-grandchildren (the youngest great-grandson is 5 years old), and a total of 93 direct family members of the fifth generation.

100 years old is not a simple number, Lin Sitong has experienced the era from war to peace. Lin Zhengyou, 56, Lin Sitong’s youngest son, said, “My father was a punting boat when he was young, because he had a lot of strength, he could always hold a heavier boat than others, and he gave too much for this family.” Lin Zhengyou said.

Influenced by Lin Sitong, several of his children are also very hardworking and pragmatic. To be kind and kind to others, is Lin Sitong’s always adherent attitude to things, under his teaching, filial piety and grandchildren, family unity and harmony. Every New Year and festival, the whole family will get together to spend with Lin Sitong. Looking at the lively scene of the five generations in the same house, Lin Sitong was always happy to keep her mouth shut.

For her grandchildren, Lin Sitong is a loving elder. He brought up many grandchildren, and his granddaughter Beibei is one of them. “In the two-story slate house, seven or eight of our children lived with our grandparents.” Babe said that Grandpa was very loving to them. She was 8 years old, her grandfather was 78 years old, and his grandfather also tied her ponytail. The brothers and sisters’ windmills, kites and other toys were also made by my grandfather.

When they became adults, they ran their own businesses, but no matter how busy they were, everyone would visit and accompany Lin Sitong whenever they had time. “Grandpa is a little behind his ear and communication is a little difficult, but as long as we accompany him, he will be very happy.” Bebe said that they would take pictures and play TikTok with their grandfather, and his grandfather would always cooperate fully, just like an old urchin. When the weather is good, everyone will take the elderly out to enjoy the flowers and scenery. “Grandpa has a good memory, he can call everyone’s names, and the names of his great-son-in-law and great-daughter-in-law are not missing.” Beibei’s husband is from Beijing, and every time he comes to visit the old man with her, the old man can always call out his name at the first time.

At the age of 90, he learned to ride an electric tricycle

In addition to a little behind her ears, Lin Sitong’s mental state is very good and her thinking is clear. On a bamboo pole in front of his house hung several washed white shirts. Walking into the old man’s room, the bed quilt was well organized, and there was no smell in the house. The kitchen was also spotlessly clean, the stove was very neatly cut and the lid was polished.

“Five years ago, after my mother died, we were afraid that my father was lonely and wanted to find a nanny, but my father refused, he felt that he could handle the small things in life without the help of others.” The old man’s fifth daughter, Lin Xiangyun, said that her father had worked all his life as a crop, and now when he was fine, he would always go to the field in front of the house to plant vegetables and water flowers. The family is also up to him, as long as he is happy.

“When we went to visit my grandfather, he always asked us to bring the vegetables he growd.” Granddaughter Li Xuli teaches in Wenling and will accompany the elderly whenever she has time. Li Xuli said that the old man also raised more than 100 ducks in the first two years, and gave one to each family. As long as the juniors say it is delicious, the old man will smile happily. “The love and concern for my children continues unabated, and this is my amiable and respectable grandfather.”

The most proud thing for the family is that the old man learned to ride an electric tricycle at the age of 90, and today, he often rides an electric tricycle out. “I don’t worry, he rides in front, I will sneak behind.” Lin Yunxiang said that his father would wear a helmet when riding an electric car and obey traffic rules, and he often said that safety comes first.

The elderly live a regular life and are open-minded

The old man’s life is very regular, getting up at about 5 a.m. every morning, hoeing the grass in the vegetable garden in front of the house, then wandering around the village, watching TV at home when he is idle, and going to bed at eight or nine o’clock at night.

The elderly also eat three meals a day regularly, eat regularly and quantitatively, match meat and vegetables, and come to some small wine in the evening, but never greedy for a cup.

Yang Yingying, the daughter-in-law of the old man, told reporters that she has been married into the Lin family for 33 years and gets along with the old man very well, and the old man has never blushed with her. “He is very open-minded and likes to help others, and he is always eager to help anyone in the village who is in difficulty.” Yang Yingying feels that having firm faith and a heart of fraternity may be the secret of her father-in-law’s confident and long life.

“One hundred good filial piety first, home and all things prosperous”

Recently, the old man ushered in his 100th birthday, and his family held a unique 100th birthday banquet for him. The youngest son Lin Zhengyou and granddaughter Bei Bei were the initiators of the event, and other members of the family responded positively. “I started preparing years ago, creating electronic invitations and designing the program flow.” Bebe said that her uncle was responsible for inviting guests and arranging dishes, and the birthday party was arranged near her grandfather’s house, making the shed more lively.

On the same day, the old man’s 88-year-old brother and 83-year-old sister also came. “Originally, I planned to be simple, just make a splash with my relatives. My father was very popular, and the neighbors and village officials came when they found out. Lin Zhengyou said that 15 tables were originally planned, but 3 tables were temporarily added, for a total of 198 people to celebrate his father’s birthday.

In addition to the festive program, Bebe also specially designed two touching links. Li Xuli went on stage and talked about her grandfather. “Not everyone has a 100-year-old grandfather, grandpa riding an electric car looks the most handsome, grandpa holding our hand is the warmest, grandpa has the most beautiful vegetable garden in all seasons.” Li Xuli’s speech deeply affected everyone present and evoked many childhood memories of her grandchildren. The old man’s 83-year-old sister came on stage to present flowers to him: “Although I am also in my 80s, I am still the sister who needs protection in front of my brother.” I wish my brother health and a long life. ”

During the whole birthday banquet, the old man was very happy. The juniors put on birthday hats for the elderly, sang birthday songs, and prepared 8 layers of birthday cakes to send birthday wishes. The old man happily gave 120 yuan red envelopes to everyone present. The laughter of the scene rises and falls from each other.

After the birthday banquet, surrounded by children and grandchildren, the old man sat in the middle, and the children and grandchildren lined up in turn, and the shutter flashed, taking a family portrait of the happy reunion. “Filial piety is the traditional culture of the Chinese nation, a hundred virtues and filial piety come first, and the family and all things prosper.” Lin Zhengyou said that taking care of each generation, passing on from generation to generation, and filial piety from generation to generation is a fine tradition they inherited from their father, and it is also a family rule that everyone in this family should follow.