Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

The latest news: Through the feedback of the aid station, the rescued person has found the family with the help of the aid station, please pay attention to this matter of the well-wishers rest assured! In order to protect the privacy of the person concerned, his name, photo and other information are hereby removed.

Gender: Female

Age of recipients: about 45 years old

Tracing number: 2110029

Beneficiary characteristics: 1.33 meters tall, wearing red thermal underwear, red jacket, black pants, red rubber-soled shoes, do not like to communicate with people, and cannot understand what they speak.

Grant time: 2021-10-29

Location: Duruan Town, Pengjiang District, Jiangmen City, Guangdong

Contact unit: Jiangmen Rescue Management Station

Contact number: 0750-3514367

Additional Information:

Toutiao Tracing is a free public welfare project launched by Toutiao, dedicated to helping all kinds of separated families reunite. If someone in your family is missing or need to find a long-lost relative, you can submit a request for help through the Toutiao Find Mini Program. Open Toutiao and search for “Seeking” to submit information, if you have any questions, please consult the tracing email:

【Headline Anti-fraud Reminder】

Solemnly declare: Toutiao tracing is a free public welfare project for the whole country, and the tracing service we provide will not charge any fee. Please don’t trust any stranger asking you to send money, transfer money, or pay to find people through phone calls, text messages, beware of being deceived!