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Why are sweatshirts + skirts so popular this fall?

There’s a new buzzword in fashion this year – Femleisure

, i.e. “Feminine/Feminine” + “Leisure/Leisure”. this

It’s one of the most popular mashups in 2017

: Mix &Match feminine pieces with feminine and sports street pieces.

Sweatshirts are vibrant and skirts are full of femininity, these two pieces can be said to be the standard of Femleisure’s style this year!

They collide together, stylish and temperamental. If you don’t believe it, let’s first take a look at the mix of sweatshirts and skirts on this year’s autumn and winter runway.

Johanna Ortiz 2017

Left: Jil Sander 2017

Right: Off-White Fall 2017

Topshop 2017

Left: Fenty x Puma Fall 2017

Right: Steve J & Yoni P 2017

Left: ADEAM Resort 2017

Right: Versus Versace Resort 2018

The runway shows you the dressing model and tells you the trend, but the street photography of fashionistas is more down-to-earth and intuitive to tell you that this fall, sweatshirt + skirt = fashionable in capital letters!

Jiang Shuying used a black split skirt with a citrus sweatshirt, making the elegant and sexy skirt so street-style, looking relaxed and natural.

The cute young lady Song Zuer uses a red and blue contrast sweatshirt with a striped skirt, and her youth is invincible.

Big cousin Liu Wen’s dark gray sweatshirt + navy blue slit pleated skirt, elegant and atmospheric.

Liu Yuncis’s orange sweatshirt + small leather skirt, like the autumn sun, bright and full of vitality, even if it is a mother, it is like a girl.

Zhou Dongyu’s Mickey sweatshirt with denim skirt, small fresh and quirky.

Li Yuchun’s black hooded sweatshirt + bread gauze skirt appeared on the Gucci 2017 fall/winter show, beautiful and handsome.

Chen Yanxi is wearing a gray off-the-shoulder sweatshirt with a black skirt, silver sneakers and a blue and white striped studded bag, wearing a casual sports look.

Such a popular, innovative, fashionable and good-looking mash-up routine, I must tell you how to wear it well