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Winter is coming, looking at the winter rain outside, the chill is coming, if you can drink a cup of warmth in the cold wind gusting winter, it must be the most pleasant thing in this season, want to drink healthy, drink rest assured, we need to choose a good cup! Today, I will teach you how to choose a high-quality thermos cup!

First, the inspection appearance

Get a new cup, be sure to carefully inspect the inner tank and outer wall surface, see if it is uniform, whether there are bumps and burrs, but also to see whether the welding in the cup mouth is smooth, which is related to whether the feeling of drinking water is comfortable, of course, the cup mouth must be round, many immature processes will cause the roundness of the cup mouth is not enough, which will directly bring insufficient comfortable experience to drinking water.

Second, test the tightness

Just got the cup in hand, many people will get used to twisting the lid, to see whether the lid and the cup body match, whether the internal seal is tight, but just look at it is impossible to test, you can pour boiling water into the cup, tighten the lid, invert for 2-3 minutes, to see if there is water leakage.

Third, heat preservation

The stainless steel vacuum vacuum flask adopts vacuum insulation technology, because the vacuum can prevent the heat transfer to the outside world, so as to achieve the effect of heat preservation. Then, to detect the insulation effect of the thermos cup, it is necessary to evaluate it from multiple angles such as material, temperature, and design.

First: material, usually thermal insulation performance is related to stainless steel thickness, thick easy to absorb heat, many high-quality thermos cup wall for 0.3mm ultra-thin design, which has high requirements for technology, of course, the insulation effect is also better.

Second: temperature measurement, the insulation effect of the thermos cup is related to the capacity, caliber, etc., at room temperature of about 25 degrees, loaded with ≥95 °C hot water, the insulation performance of the product with or without plugs is measured temperature, please refer to the following table:

For less than 400ml with inner plug thermos cup after 12 hours of temperature measurement, should be greater than or equal to 400ml of 24-hour temperature measurement results, it means that this product is qualified.

Measure the temperature of a 450ml capacity and a 40mm diameter non-plugless thermos flask, if it can reach 42° after 6 hours, it means that this thermos flask meets the standard.

Third: design, the structural design of the vacuum flask, also determines the insulation effect, the inner seal design, different design forms of the cover, all directly affect the insulation performance, usually speaking the small caliber of the vacuum cup, the insulation performance is better.

Fourth: vacuum technology, vacuum degree is related to the mechanical equipment of the factory, large automated vacuum furnace can achieve high temperature numerical control and integrated function, but counterfeiting is expensive, only a few large factories in China have, at present, Sino has two customized three-chamber continuous operation vacuum furnaces.

Fourth, pay attention to the material

At present, most of the thermos cups on the market are made of stainless steel made of 304 material, which has the characteristics of easy processing, high toughness, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., and is not easy to rust at room temperature. In addition, because the stainless steel thermos flask commonly used by us is a round pipe formed by water rise, the ductility of stainless steel is also very good. The most important point is that 304 stainless steel meets the national stainless steel ware production standards, which is non-toxic and can be used with confidence.

Although the thermos cup is very suitable for carrying around in winter, the thermos cup should not contain milk, acidic drinks, Chinese medicine and tea. This is because milk in a high temperature environment, nutrients will be destroyed, and the acidic substances in it will also chemically react with the inner wall of stainless steel, affecting human health. If acidic drinks are in the thermos for a long time, they are likely to damage their inner tanks. In addition, the acidic substances in Chinese medicine are easily chemically reacted with the inner wall of the stainless steel thermos flask and dissolved into the decoction, which has adverse effects on the human body. Finally, it is necessary to remind the majority of friends who love to use thermos cups to make tea, if the tea leaves are soaked in high temperature and constant temperature water for a long time, a large number of vitamins in tea are destroyed, aromatic oil volatilizes, tannins, theophylline leach, which not only reduces the nutritional value of tea, but also increases harmful substances.

So for many friends who want to drink more and want to soak everything, please pay special attention to the next cup pot industry rookie – titanium cup.

First of all, the strength of titanium is 3 times that of stainless steel, 1.3 times that of aluminum alloy, the density is only 60% of steel, but the weight is 43% lighter than stainless steel, but like copper, it can withstand hammering and drawing. These metal properties determine that titanium has some excellent properties that other materials lack:

Light on the go:

Because the same volume of titanium is 43% lighter than stainless steel, a cup is equivalent to the weight of a mobile phone, easy to carry without burden.

Physical shading:

Titanium metal can form crystal physical discoloration after high temperature oxidation, without paint coloring, long-term use does not fade, can reduce the pollution in the paint production process.

Strong acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance:

Titanium has natural resistance to strong acid and alkali, corrosion resistance, will not react with acidic drinks, milk, tea, etc., no metal precipitation, so the use of titanium cup will not pollute or change the original taste of the drink.

Healthy and friendly, tasteless and hypoallergenic:

Titanium is a biophilic metal, healthy and non-toxic, will not cause rejection of the human body, has no effect on human autonomic nerves and taste nerves, tasteless and hypoallergenic.

The above is the theoretical reference we provide for you, you can buy according to your drinking habits, but please do so

Choose carefully, after all, drinking water is closely related to health, and finally I hope that everyone can choose a satisfactory cup to escort life and health!