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The annual Bazaar Charity Night came, and after Su Mang left, although there were many fewer drama moments, it was still a gathering of stars and bright stars. But probably affected by the epidemic, this year’s Bazaar Charity Night was held a little simple and low-key, the red carpet was not live, and the in-house layout was ridiculed by netizens like a wedding banquet.

Although the dinner party has been simplified, the beauty stars are riveted in style, let’s take a look at the beauty style.

Song Qian’s sharp and bold shape, Cai Shaofen collided with Liu Wen, and Liu Wen did not lose

Jing Tian chose a set of golden puffy skirts from Rami al Ali’s Fall/Winter 2021 collection to appear, the fair skin + sweet princess dress is very pleasing to the eye, and the raw pictures are also very good-looking, but everyone’s requirements for beautiful women are naturally higher.

First of all, this dress is a very conventional red carpet puffy skirt, although the design has highlights but not amazing, Jing Tian’s own good state adds a lot of points, because of the fabric, the color of this skirt changes greatly with the light, and the model’s picture wears two versions of the color.

The skirt is not stunning enough and could have been added with makeup, but Jing Tian loves to wear hair recently, although the hairstyle is curly and the overall is smooth, but there is still a feeling that the style is not finished. For a big dress like this, celebrities will add points to a little more effort in their hairstyles. The flaws are not hidden, Jing Tian’s set of looks good and expensive, but the overall is not stunning enough to have memory points~

The twins sisters appeared together in Monique Lhuillier’s fairy dress, a mint green and a puff sleeve print, which was the flower fairy himself who ran out of the garden, sweet and youthful.

Probably these Hong Kong stars have eaten preservatives, twins will not grow old, and Cai Shaofen is also very frozen.

Cai Shaofen chose a dress for Loewe Fall/Winter 2021 collection to appear, although she has given birth to three children, Cai Shaofen’s figure and state have not dropped at all, there is no extra flesh on her face, firm and smooth.

Born as a Hong Kong sister, she will not slack off in body management, and Liu Wen, the mother of the three-child child, is not losing at all.

Song Qian is the boldest one tonight, choosing a black fishtail dress with cat ears, V-neck metal straps, and a pinched fishtail skirt, emphasizing her superior proportions, hiding legs that may be picky by netizens, outlining a graceful figure, sexy and cold and cool, high-class and not tacky, with a feeling of a cold female agent, very suitable for her.

Also sassy and beautiful is Xin Zhilei, these two beauties are like a team of agents mixed into a high-class party. Xin Zhilei chose a set of early autumn 2021 dresses from Chanel, with casual coiled hair, creating a relaxed feeling of “the old lady is so fashionable to wear casually”.

The matching of lip colors is great, and the dark red lip color adds a bit of coolness and coolness to her, which is very suitable for a smelly face beauty like her. She’s the kind of mysterious beauty who locks your gaze firmly at a party, but you don’t dare to approach asking for a number.

Yang Mi baby wears haute couture show resources, and Zhong Chuxi is stunning in an antique dress

The most concerned nature is the shape of the little flowers, and this time the baby Yang Mi’s shape is very careful. Yang Mi chose two sets of couture inside and outside.

The dress on the red carpet is from Valentino’s Fall/Winter 2021 haute couture collection, she is the first domestic wear of this haute couture collection, after changing stylists, her resources are indeed much better, and the haute couture dress is frequently topped.

She also began to try more styles in hairstyles, this time she did a retro famous hairstyle, and there was a lot of controversy about this hairstyle, some people felt that it was old and some people thought it was beautiful, and everyone had different opinions.

It’s just that the style of this skirt is relatively modern, and the skirt is large, the print color block is also very large, and the hairstyle of the retro celebrity and the style of the skirt are slightly inconsistent, in other words, the style of the hairstyle and the skirt are not enough to match, and there is some separation.

At the same time, there are quite a few elements of the skirt, and it will look better to choose a simple, refreshing and modern hairstyle like the model.

The infield dress is from Ralph & Russo’s 2020 Spring Couture collection, and this dark feather bandeau dress is more suitable for matching the vintage celebrity’s hairstyle, and the overall fit is a little higher. What do you think?

Baby with top fashion resources in hand chose an Elie Saab Fall/Winter 2021 haute couture dress, she is the world first in this collection, this look not only shows off the resources, but also very beautiful.

As soon as this dress was released, many netizens hoped to see the baby’s upper body interpretation, and it turned out that the effect was indeed good, the bright green flower skirt was full of life, and the colors and styles seemed to be tailored for her. The high bun with the same color headband, the shape is complete, refreshing and elegant, it can be said that from the head beauty to the skirt, from the front beauty to the back.

If you want to say that the most amazing female star on this red carpet is Zhong Chuxi, who chose a Georges Chakra 2005 vintage dress, she and the team really know how to be beautiful.

The retouching pictures capture the taste of the old Hollywood time, which looks like a random behind-the-scenes footage of a superstar, but it is actually carefully arranged~

Makeup and styling details are also completely undropped, high hair is refreshing and elegant, showing off superior shoulders and neck, sequin fishtail skirt outlines a slender figure, the white gauze held on her hand adds a bit of retro elegance, Sister Zhong is really a “beauty” master, easy to amaze the red carpet, beautiful to convince people ~

Well, after watching this year’s Bazaar Charity Night, who do you love the most? Let’s talk about it together~

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