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Good evening, the weather is getting cooler, so it’s also a good season to wear some trousers or cropped pants. Good Night Story: Why prove anything to the undeserving, live better, but for yourself.

NO.1 Exclusive custom minimalist design, super good fit, crisp and slim suit wide-leg pants

Heavy suit material, spare buttons or something. The drape feeling is also great, and it will appear very slender. The fit is good, and it is very handsome, and it is also very good to match clothes, and it is absolutely no problem to wear this in autumn.

NO.2 Korean classic double-button casual small loose tear-up wide-leg denim cropped pants

NO.3 Long pants straight pants

The hole is not exaggerated, the thin effect is okay, but it is very youthful

NO.4 European and American street photo high-waisted trousers

The pants are super easy to wear, very soft, thin, and especially suitable for the late autumn weather

NO.5 Solid color temperament slim fit versatile pencil pants

The elasticity is very good, and the color is not faded after washing with water,

NO.6 OL gold small straight cotton flip leg curved eight-point pants

Roar recommended. Nice pants

NO.7 Thin Harlan pants black trousers

The pants are good-looking, they are high-waisted, they are very comfortable to wear, the fabric is quite soft, and it is good to go to work with a shirt.

NO.8 Early autumn fashion uprising personality frayed patch cotton cropped jeans

The fabric is very comfortable, and it is more comfortable to wear, just like this denim fabric

NO.9 Solid color raw edge small leg pants stretch cropped ripped jeans

Black and denim, super stretchy.

NO.10 Super cool with fan straight denim crosses

Handsome and stylish. Retro thick and thick.

NO.11 High-waisted cropped jeans pencil pants

NO.12 Simple loose slim cotton casual trousers

Those with thick legs can be worn

NO.13 Front sheet pressed pleated design silhouette versatile wide-leg pants

Very good-looking, must enter, and black da.

NO.14 Super thin two-tone small leg breeches Korean cotton thick slacks

Black and dark blue, the fabric is relatively thick, very straight legs.

NO.15 Slim high-waisted jeans

Quite thick

NO.16 Patchwork elasticated waist cotton harem pants

Suitable for people with thick legs Do not mix with light-colored clothes for washing.

NO.17 Shukou Hong Kong flavor thin bamboo pole leg elasticated waist jeans trousers

The pants look very thin when worn

NO.18 Exclusive design two buckles slim vertical line tight hip wrap high waist PU leather pants

Original: Love Shopping Guide Women’s Network, a WeChat account idaog_com that specializes in teaching women to match clothes

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