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Do you think that clothespins only have the function of holding clothes?

No, Xiao Yi wants to tell you

Clothespins at home can be used for things you can’t think of

It’s amazing

Categorization and storage

Stud earrings, necklaces, and bracelets come in a variety of styles and varieties, and they are stacked together in a messy way and can be troublesome to find. Add them up with clips, which is both beautiful and convenient.

There are many documents such as electricity bills, water bills, and phone bills, and it is very confusing to put together, what should I do? With a clip, one trick is done.

All kinds of towels, don’t worry, small clips can also be done. Place the fixed clothespin in the closet, behind the door, and next to the washstand for easy use.

Difficult threads, headphones, is not a problem. Wrap the cable around the clip so that the cable is no longer messed up in your bag.

The unreasonable thread, wrapped around the clothespin, also became super fit.

Secure items and keep them safe

When the paint pen and brush are not in use, it is placed in such a regular manner.

Waste clips can be synthesized into a dish to act as a pot pad to prevent burning the table. Wrap the wire in a circle, disassemble the clothespin and wrap it around the iron ring to make a kitchen insulation mat, on which casseroles, soup pots, etc. can be placed.

When nailing, it is easy to hit the hand, what should I do? First fix the nail with a clamp and then hit it with a hammer.

When cooking, you can fix the spoon that moves at will.

The toothbrush is fixed in this way to prevent contamination by the water in the pool.

Learning tools

The clip can also be used as a learning tool for children, which is simple to make and arouses children’s interest in learning. Help children recognize numbers.

Learn English words. Write 26 English letters on the clothespin, and children can freely combine the letters into words.

Do creative crafts

Such a cute and interesting learning tool, children will definitely be interested, learning is so easy~

Creative handicrafts

Little clip’s love mail, sweet girl heart~

Cut the unused can box, leaving only the bottom, and then clamp the edge of the can box with a clamp and circle around it to make an environmentally friendly pot.

Clip a handmade love clip on the letterhead to capture the heart of your lover.

Make a small booth with clips, which can be used as both a cue stand and a photo frame.

Exhibitions, tips

Beautiful photos, parent-child photos, and family photos are fixed with clips, beautiful and warm.

Don’t be afraid to forget things, there are clips to make cue cards to remind yourself of what is going to be done and what is already done.

Glue pins to the back of the clothespin.

Secure the clothespin with the pin to the desk calendar to hold the cue note.

Use a clothespin marked with a date to indicate what needs to be done on that date.

Single socks and gloves also have a place to stay~

Fresh and deodorizing

The air conditioner in the car will smell strange after a long time. Drop a little perfume on the clip and clip it on the fan blade, and the smell of perfume will be filled.

You can also use this method in the toilet, clamp the clip dripping with perfume on the exhaust fan, and turn on the exhaust fan to remove the odor!

The air conditioner can also be used in this way, take your favorite essential oil or perfume, clamp it on the air conditioner outlet and blow it all at once, and the peculiar smell will be removed!

Secure fixation

Every time we nail a nail, we will worry about hitting our hands, at this time we can take the clothespin to clamp the nails and then hammer will not hit our hands!

When cooking something in the pot, I am afraid that the boiling water will overflow and hurt myself, so I will not hurt myself by clamping the lid of the pot with a clothespin.

Every time you hit the hot pot and boil soup, you don’t pay attention to the spoon and slide into the pot, not only staining the spoon, but also ruining the dishes inside, at this time you can use the handle of the spoon to clamp and fix it on the side of the pot!

Clamp the toothbrush and place it, it is a small toothbrush holder, clean and hygienic.

Squeeze slowly by clamping the tail of the toothpaste, not wasting a single drop.

Every time I read the pages of a book, it is easy to up, and clamping it with a clothespin can make the book obedient.

The endless cookies are opened and put in the easy to damp, and the seal is clamped with a clothespin, and the next time you eat it, it will be crispy and new.

When making scented candles, fix the wick with a clothespin, and you are not afraid that the wick will be soft at the bottom.

Creative home

Wrap the wire in a circle, disassemble the clothespin and wrap it around the iron ring, make a heat insulation pad, and put the soup pot these are not afraid of burning the table.

Cut the leftover canned food bottle in half, wrap it in layers with clothespins, or make a creative potted plant or cute lampshade.

It can also be made into a pen holder and placed on the table, which is also a little fun.

Or instead of canned bottles, the clothespins are connected end to end, and immediately transform into a warm and beautiful lampshade.

It’s also fun to put on a chandelier.

Casual toys

Take a rope and hang it on the wall, use a drying rack to hold the photo to make a photo wall, and suddenly the home is filled with a warm smell.

You can also draw your favorite pattern on the clip to remind you of the sweet times of the past.

It can be made into a stand and put on a card for your loved one or child, full of creativity.

You can also use several clothespins to fold them to make a small bracket, put mobile phones, put sticky notes, these are not worries.

Dyee a color, put on a sticker, and you can become a beautiful hairpin for your child.

Or clip it to the iron ring, put on a sticker, hang it in the living room and hang it in the bedroom, and a heart-warming Christmas gift is taken out by Beier.

To summarize today’s article in one sentence:

A “clothespin” is a brick that needs to be moved where it needs to be moved.

Get hands-on and get hands-on!