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The eye-catching “flying” torch at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the mobile snowmobiles in many competition venues, and the stunning carpets in many competition venues, these products that help the Beijing Winter Olympics have elements of “Made in Gongyi”.

At the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the torch “flying” as the main cauldron made a stunning appearance. It is understood that this Winter Olympics has a lightweight design for the torch, and at the same time changes the torch fuel to hydrogen with a higher combustion temperature. How to solve the problem of both lightweight and high temperature resistance? Gongyi Fanrui Radiance Composite Material Co., Ltd. successfully completed the manufacture of high-temperature parts of the Winter Olympic torch shell with the help of high-temperature preparation technology of ceramic matrix composite materials, thus becoming a supplier of Olympic torch parts.

Wu Heng, deputy general manager of Gongyi Fanrui Yihui Composite Material Co., Ltd.: “Our material is a ceramic matrix composite, its main characteristics are high temperature resistance, light weight, it is currently mainly used for aerospace engine hot end components, its long-term use temperature can reach 1600 degrees, so in this flare gas burning temperature of more than 800 degrees, it is very easy to bear.” ”

In the snow paving work in some areas of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the power of Gongyi’s manufacturing industry can also be seen. The multifunctional mobile snowmobile snowmobile vehicle produced by Henan Jin’an Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. from the jurisdiction of Xicun Town, Gongyi City, also contributed to the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Wu Fenglin, general manager of Henan Jin’an Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.: “It can move at any time, solving the problem of traditional snowmaking difficulties, the snow coverage of the entire Olympic village, after the previous wheeled is difficult to achieve, because water and electricity are difficult to put in place, every corner and corner must be covered with snow, this car directly solves this problem.” ”

In Zhengzhou Huade Carpet Group Co., Ltd., located on Bauhinia Road in Gongyi City, the machines in the production workshop roared and the workers were busy. The staff demonstrated the characteristics of their newly developed carpet in terms of waterproof, oil and stain resistance. It is understood that the carpets laid in many competition venues of the Beijing Winter Olympics come from here.

Zhang Jing, sales director of Zhengzhou Huade Carpet Group Co., Ltd.: “Like the speed skating venue, because the space is relatively large, we use the most advanced printing inkjet technology to achieve the seamless splicing of the entire venue of 42 meters * 152 meters. Including the color of the carpet, after repeated debugging by our engineers, the final carpet color also achieved a perfect match for the entire venue of the Winter Olympics. ”

It is understood that this “star enterprise” in Gongyi City, founded in 1986, has maintained a leading position in the industry since the production and sales of carpets since 1997, and a number of products have been selected for use in important national activity venues. Gongyi’s good industrial foundation, effective policy support from functional departments at all levels and the optimal business environment continuously created have promoted enterprises in the jurisdiction to a new height and achieved high-quality development.

Meng Fanzheng, member of the Party Working Committee of Zijing Road Street in Gongyi City and director of the Working Committee of the National People’s Congress: “Since the launch of the “10,000 people to help 10,000 enterprises” activity, we have actively helped enterprises solve problems in environmental protection, epidemic prevention, transportation and other aspects. In the future, we will continue to vigorously implement various policies to benefit enterprises, create an excellent business environment for enterprises in project construction, production and operation, and support the development and growth of outstanding enterprises. “

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