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The birth of jeans can be traced back to the daily wear of early American western gold diggers, because at that time pants were very unsuitable for heavy gold digging work, often torn and dirty, so there was canvas as pants, is a durable and dirt-resistant pants, such pants slowly spread, and was favored by denims, such pants through continuous circulation, continuous improvement slowly evolved to today has different casual styles.

It can be said that jeans have been loved by men and women around the world to this day, and everyone always has several sets of jeans in their wardrobe, with a variety of styles and simple and fashionable wear. Jeans are a trouser that won’t fall behind over time, and it’s no exaggeration to be a classic. Today, young girls like to wear tight jeans, with their simple design, slim fit, wearing the “line” beauty of the figure, fashionable and casual.

So since jeans are a casual pants that everyone likes to wear, how to choose and match them in order to wear exclusive beauty, which is both casual and personal. In fact, there are many styles of skinny jeans, such as tight cropped pants, small-legged jeans, pencil jeans, flared pants, these styles can be worn for different figures, bringing a simple and slim effect, simple and generous.

When choosing jeans, no matter what style it is, you must first show your figure, because the biggest advantage of skinny jeans is that they have a good body shaping effect and can easily wear a slim figure. Showing the figure is not only wearing the slender and stylish figure, but also wearing the tall visual beauty, so when choosing pants, you can choose high-waist jeans, which can not only narrow the waist to show thinness but also enhance the waist line, wear the tall aspect ratio of the body, the beauty is simple and beautiful.

You can see this fashionable young lady wearing a high-waist tight jeans, the high-waist design uses the original waist to raise the waist line up, and at the same time uses three rivet buckles to decorate, this design can not only play a narrow waist to show the effect of thinness, but also can divide the tall proportion of the figure, wearing slim and fashionable, beautiful tall and beautiful.

The upper body wears a white wrap shirt, the mesh trim edge increases the sweetness of the wrap, the wrap is also a simple style, simple slim and temperamental, especially highlighting the collarbone and shoulder line beauty, fresh beauty and fashion and elegance. The cropped fit is paired with high-waisted jeans, and a pair of white high heels on the feet, which echoes the effect of up and down in color, releasing a fresh, simple and beautiful beauty, and easily wearing your own sense of fashion.

Therefore, although tight jeans are versatile and slim, they must be selected, whether it is small or tall girls, you can choose high-waist pants, so that the effect of wearing is more slim and good-looking and generous.

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