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Warm beanie in winter is an indispensable item, and it is also a cute weapon for reducing age, let’s see how to wear a beanie to look good at girls? How do you match a beanie with clothes?

How to wear a beanie to look good at girls

Woolen hat is a must-have item in winter, so how to wear a beanie to look good? The following Xiaobian will introduce a few popular beanies:

Cat’s ear woolen hat

If you are a girl who walks the Japanese kawaii style, then you must have such a playful and cute hat. The highly saturated colors add a bit of vitality to winter, and with the erect triangular arc cat ears, it is simply several years younger after wearing!

Three-ball beanie

If you want the hat to have the effect of defining the shape of the face, then be sure to choose one with draped accessories on both sides. For example, this beanie uses a thick needle pattern, plus the hairballs on the top of the head and the hairballs on both sides, and the girl immediately becomes a Korean beauty after wearing it.

Jazz style beanie

Generally, when people think of beanies, they think of arc-shaped, and this beanie is knitted with the kind of unisex jazz hat that everyone usually likes. The brim of the hat is cleverly rolled up, so that the girl’s facial features can be clearly displayed, which is very present.

Tongue-shaped beanie

Girls who are afraid of cold can choose a hat with a tongue-shaped front line, which can modify the shape of the face and create a sense of mystery. Whether you tie your hair or put it on, this hat will hold your aura well.

How to match a beanie with clothes

Woolen hat + coat + skirt + sneakers + clutch

Green woolen hat with olive green coat and color-block pleated skirt is very fashionable and interesting, green on sneakers echoes the color of the beanie, making the shape more unified beauty, brown fringed handbag brings a touch of retro atmosphere, like European and American high street style mushroom cold can try Oh~

Woolen hat + motorcycle leather jacket + turtleneck sweater + plaid shirt + cropped harem pants + sneakers

A woolen hat is paired with a motorcycle leather jacket for a cool look, with a turtleneck sweater and a red plaid shirt underneath for a more layered look. Choose cropped harem pants and sneakers for a casual street look.

Woolen hat + fur coat + short skirt + chain bag + single shoes

A colour-block beanie hat is warmed with the same colour-block fur coat, and it’s complemented by a delicate mini chain bag for a cleaner look. The bottom is paired with black silk, which contrasts with the bloated top, which is very thin.

Woolen hat + fur coat + wide-leg pants + casual shoes + clutch

Woolen hats with fur coats, and square-framed glasses to enhance literary temperament, is also a very eye-catching way to match. Slip yours with wide-leg pants and sneakers, and grab your clutch for a recessed look.

Woolen hat + sweatshirt + slacks + sneakers + clutch

A woolen hat with a sweatshirt is one of the most common ways to wear it, and a pair of slacks or sweatpants is OK. The shoes are also sporty to make the look more harmonious and comfortable. Finally, choose a stylish clutch to enhance the fashion index, and go out on the street without stress.

Woolen hat + coat + checked suit set + leopard print tote bag + sunglasses

A woolen hat is simply cool with a long coat and checked suit, while the shoe color echoes the beanie to make the look more uniform. Although the style of shoes is not so fashionable ~

Washing and maintenance of beanies

Wash the woolen hat with a neutral detergent

Washing woolen hats requires attention to the use of neutral detergents, so that if the hat is a wool beanie, it will not damage the material of the hat. When washing woolen hats, do not wash with laundry detergent, especially enzyme-added laundry detergent. The main component of wool is protein, which enzymes will hydrolyze, which may deshape the woolen hat.

Wash the woolen hat in warm water

The reason for washing the woolen hat with warm water is that warm water is more powerful to remove dust, soak the woolen hat for 5 to 10 minutes, and then gently rub until clean.

The woolen hat needs to be placed in a dry place when the hat is not worn during maintenance to avoid the woolen hat from being put for a long time and moldy, because the woolen hat will only be worn often in autumn and winter, and it is necessary to choose a good place to keep it when it is not worn.