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Simple single pair of men’s shoes, wear different temperament of you

Ahem! Attention men, it’s time for welfare! Today, the editor wants to introduce to you about boys’ shoes, speaking of shoes, although the types of boys’ shoes are not as diverse as the types of women’s shoes, but they are not less, the types of shoes that Xiaobian wants to introduce today, you must have seen, but how to wear, how to match, presumably you must be confused, but it doesn’t matter, the following Xiaobian will take you to slowly interpret it.

LOOK1: Men’s casual sneakers

The characteristic of boys’ sneakers is “splicing”, which is integrated into the shoes through different fabrics, colors, and elements. The highlight of this shoe is undoubtedly the black square at the upper, which is full of design.

Generally speaking, sports shoes refer to the wear when running and playing basketball, of course, there are also shoes specially created for sports – comprehensive training shoes, which are more suitable for foot structure and more comfortable to wear.

This sneaker is the same as the previous style, but in the color splicing, it is more bright, and the wide upper design makes the shoes a lot more atmospheric.

Generally speaking, only basketball shoes have high-top design, but as people’s aesthetic concepts change, high-top elements are gradually applied to casual shoes, and this red sneaker is the best example.

These sneakers have the upper elements of “hiking shoes” at the upper, with raised edges and simple and bright colors for a more casual look.

“Streamlined” sneaker design, in the upper, upper and other parts can feel a strong “streamline” style, simple and clear English letters added, making the shoes more fashionable.

LOOK2: Casual board shoes

“Board shoes”, this kind of shoes, the first feeling, will give us a very “tough” feeling. This board shoe, on both sides of the shoe, adopts a “graffiti” style.

In many cases, board shoes mostly appear as “little white shoes”. This board shoe, the color matching adopts the “gray” + “white” design, the overall streamlined design, so cool!

Everyone must already know a lot about the matching of “little white shoes”, but when we match, don’t forget to choose the color of the pants.

Compared with other board shoes, this board shoe adopts a more retro design style, adding zigzag leather at the tip, and the green logo on both sides of the shoe is also fresher.

“High-top” board shoes, compared with low-top board shoes, give people a sense of fullness, coupled with the retro color “brown” + “gray blue” design, the nostalgic effect is super strong.

If you are that kind of cool personality, then, this black board shoe, absolutely suitable for you, I have to say, the texture and simple style of this black board shoe, beyond imagination.

Casual retro shoes, this Onizuka Tiger retro shoes, absolutely throw ordinary retro shoes a few streets, you know, zigzag toe leather design, people are the founders, and, brand history can be compared with Nike.

LOOK3: Work shoes or casual shoes

A major feature of “cargo shoes” is that the toe cap is very rounded, so it is also known as “big-toed shoes”, “Martin boots” and other names, with heels, not high, usually, high-top styles.

This “cargo shoe”, in terms of color, adopts a dark brown design, which is different from the regular style of “cargo shoes”, and has no heel design, and the upper is also very low.

In China, few people wear regular styles of “cargo shoes”, because this style of “work shoes” is more suitable for teenagers, and the style is also close to the taste of young people.

Compared with high-top “cargo shoes”, low-top “cargo shoes” must be matched with cropped pants or cropped pants when worn, otherwise the style is not uniform, and it feels like a mess.

Men’s casual shoes, also known as “beanie shoes”, this style of shoes, more suitable for mature boys to wear, the most important point is to highlight the unique charm of boys.

As the saying goes, “people rely on clothes and horses on the saddle, whether it is suitable to wear and see”, if you really want to buy a pair of shoes for yourself, but you are still struggling to find a style, after reading this article, the editor believes, you already have a score in your heart, so what are you waiting for? Chop buy buy buy!