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This incident originated from a discussion in our group: I wanted to do lipstick color selection topics, so I made a simple classification of lipstick colors. When discussing my beloved, dragon fruit, the following conversation arose:

Ma Yili also wanted to ask when she heard it, are you two okay? ……

Are you all right?

Today, I want to vindicate the delicate dragon fruit color.


Heavenly King Laozi is here

Dragon fruit color is also the favorite of the girl group

The dragon fruit color is the rich and bright rose pink color of the red heart dragon fruit. It is now called the color of the girl group, pouring forward ten years, called “miss you color”, and pouring forward fifteen years is called “Jiangnan fan”.

It means that the color painted by the noblewoman of Jiangnan.

This color system, just like ENFP, likes it very much, and hates it very much. Just like the chat history of our sister flower.

However, after more than ten years of updating and iteration, this lip color has gradually evolved into today’s dragon fruit color.

This color has a strong presence, bright and delicate, and is also very distinctive. Compared with red, it will have less aggressive aura and avoid mature temperament; Compared with the bean paste color system, it is more spicy and less intellectual. This dragon fruit color is really very suitable for the three seasons of spring, summer and autumn, eye-catching and brilliant, I can’t think of a reason not to have it!

Pretty people who want to walk the millennial hot girl style and girl group feeling, isn’t this lipstick in the hand of the world?


Dragon fruit color usage guide

As a color that is very popular in the women’s group world and the master milk world, dragon fruit color really has some selection skills.

First of all, we must make it clear that it is not a regular color, it is not a good-looking color that is painted casually, and it cannot be matched with plain face. On the contrary, dragon fruit color must be matched with beautiful makeup and hair clothes, otherwise it will be a large-scale disaster scene.

Another very important aspect is the color selection technique.

Even if it is versatile such as MLBB color, choosing a light background color will also reap the color of college leave; The public is like red, and choosing warm colors will also make yellow skin disaster.

Therefore, a color system as prominent as dragon fruit color requires more skill.

Please highlight the following:

First, when choosing a color, try to choose a texture with a rich color and a brush color. Because this rich lipstick can control the color depth through your technique, the color reproduction after the upper lip is relatively stronger, which reduces the possibility of color casting.

Second, make this rule clear in mind:

Dragon fruit is reddish in color, magenta (white); Purple, it is pinkish-purple (Luo Zijun).

The overall tone is warm, it is juice red, such as cherry, strawberry feeling, more suitable for white skin; The overall tone is cold, it is rose purple, and it is easy to overturn.

Therefore, when choosing a color, try to test the color on the upper lip rather than the back of the hand. Then to distinguish, try not to choose purple and cold colors, neutral colors and warm colors generally do not overturn. In warm colors, pay attention to avoid colors with fluorescent feeling.

Feel the purple tinge ↑

The average person really can’t handle it

Relatively speaking, this is more suitable for most people↑

Therefore, special attention should be paid to the texture, color reproduction and hue of dragon fruit color when choosing. As long as you master these few key points, coupled with the right makeup and hair, such as the tail of the eyes and the echo of the eyeshadow color, believe me, absolutely extravagant!!!


Twelve dragon fruit lipsticks for real color trials

The real battle is coming! I divided the twelve dragon fruit colors I had on hand into two groups and conducted a real color test for the little masters. Please review the color selection skills taught to you above and start the closed-book exam:

The first group of contestants is these six, and the arms are tested as follows:

According to the color selection technique we just made:

muf m203


Armani little fat ding 500

It is a color with a heavier purple tone. The two sisters are more suitable for white skin;



Givenchy Red Velvet N25

NARS #you are no good

It is a high degree of color reproduction, very good color coverage, relatively neutral color, so suitable for most people;

MAC #shocking revelation

It is more vivid, a bit of a juice color, more suitable for white skin.

Let’s take a look at the real mouth color:

There will be fluorescent tones, which is more suitable for special occasions, such as Disney or themed photography.

This is more suitable for most people

, basically will not step on the thunder.

Next are the six contestants from the second group:

Let’s take a look at the arm color trial:

In this group, relatively speaking, they are more picky, purple tones, fluorescent tones, and light texture without coloring. Therefore, this group is more suitable for white skin.

According to my experience, the most recommended are


FENTY BEAUTY #candy venom

。 In addition, it has been discontinued


It is a thin tube pressing lip stain, this color on the mouth is very female group, it turned out to be the second branch of the successor of Ben Luo Zijun, if you have white skin, you can search the seafood market to try it.

Other than that

Dior Clarinet 877

Because the girl group color is popular again on the Little Red Book, you can also buy it as appropriate.

To sum up, among these twelve, the least picky and the most visible, I recommend more:

Givenchy Red Velvet #N25

If you are whiteskin, you may wish to try:

Armani #500

Dior Blackpipe #877

Is so much dragon fruit color visual fatigue? Can move to orange software happily wandering!!! Hand in hand!!!

Color trial: Gahyuni

muf m203


Armani little fat ding 500

Givenchy Red Velvet N25

NARS #you are no good

NARS #you are no good

MAC #shocking revelation


FENTY BEAUTY #candy venom