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I think girls can wear more basic items, but choose high-end fabrics, so that it is easy and high-end to wear. Here’s a look at the basic dresses for young girls for autumn and winter:


The weather in autumn and winter will always make women who love beauty overwhelmed in terms of collocation. In fact, it is very simple, coat with a dress, or a trench coat with a dress, not only simple, but also effortless to build a sense of premium, especially in the fashion industry, can also be easily controlled. In fact, dresses are also this year’s fashion item,

It is simple and advanced to wear.

1. Mid-length autumn and winter slim OL hip bottom dress

The OL-style bottom skirt with a very thin upper body, the hip design is more elegant, and it is not picky at all. It is simple and advanced to wear. This floral chiffon dress looks slim and structured! With elegance and beauty in the gesture, very imposing, easy to wear a sense of elegance, hiding a bit of agility, the skirt swings while walking, the shape is mesmerizing.

Fashionable and sexy small V-neck design, waist is a bow belt, single pass fashionable and beautiful, winter as an undercoat, indoors to take off the outer clothes is also very good.

This knitted sweater is set over a slim fit and hip-cinched waist, solid V-neck dress. Office workers wear it alone in autumn is both simple and advanced.

2. French printed dress

The French style gives people a sexy, charming feeling. French style is generally small broken flowers, small print elements, really charming, very sexy. Worn alone with small leather shoes or canvas shoes in the same color, and a windbreaker or coat with a cold outfit, a booty is really the simplest and most advanced outfit. Broken flowers slim body thin skirt, so that the whole person super temperament moderate skirt length, fresh and fashionable, girls of any body can easily control, all the romantic and beautiful temperament of women set off.

This collared long-sleeved floral chiffon dress, fashionable and versatile chiffon comfortable chiffon fabric, age-reducing white, generous and beautiful and elegant, tall beauties wear around the thighs, making your wear more comfortable and elegant.

This printed dress is structured and comfortable, elongated in proportion and mesmerizing in shape.

Printed dresses alone with tonal leather shoes or canvas shoes, cold with a trench coat or coat, a booty is really the simplest and most advanced outfit.


3. Shirt skirt

French-style dresses are sexy, and shirt skirts are the representative of the word “intellectual”. It is less lively and quiet than the printed skirt, it is more simple, generous and elegant.

And the shirt skirt is more comfortable, but you must know that small people try to choose a shorter length when choosing a shirt skirt, which can be lighter and bring more a sense of competence. If you don’t have a good figure, it’s best to buy a shirt skirt with a waist, or wear it with a belt, so that the proportion of the body will be better. Shirt skirts can be worn inside in autumn, and a trench coat can be worn outside, so that even if you take off your jacket when you are indoors, it is still elegant.

4. Sweet celebrity waist slim long-sleeved lace dress

Girls who like sweet wind should not miss this lace skirt, the upper body is very famous, and the main thing is that it is very slim.

The sweet lady’s slim long-sleeved lace dress can be lined or worn alone, and the lace and cutout small design make the skirt more advanced.

3. One-neck lace dress with velvet and thicker version

This one-neck dress is arguably the secret weapon to highlight your figure, and the lace and off-the-shoulder design make it look even better.

The lace dress is a fleece and thicker design, so even in winter, it can be worn beautifully with an overcoat.

4. Solid wool or cashmere dresses

A very warm fashion bottom dress, the cardigan is breathable but very warm, and the winter coat is not afraid of the cold.

Super versatile, many colors can be selected, gray is also a popular color this year.

Autumn and winter coat plus dress or windbreaker and dress, the main thing is very convenient, especially in the busy morning, take out a coat casually, plus a simple tens of seconds to think about the right dress, fashion sense of wear is immediately done.

Caramel color tweed coat, casual lace-up coat, better than buttons to set off the curves of women’s figures, looks very beautiful, caramel color has a sense of visual warmth, open wear more dashing and casual, easily create a modern sense of fashion, the aura is not very ostentatious.

Wearing an overcoat underwear in autumn and winter is simple and high-class. Elegant and embroidered at the neckline, this sweater is tightly woven to show off the figure, adding layers to the skirt, highlighting the slender waist, showing personal charm and easy to wear with vitality, and wearing a long-sleeved winter skirt underwear for autumn and winter is simple and high-class.

5. Printed fine wool dress

This printed fine wool dress is soft and comfortable, and the fit is elegant and elegant, with a slim and slim fit.

This long-sleeved knit dress loose bottom sweater skirt is of good quality, the fabric is not the kind of pilling, wear it is great, very temperamental, and comfortable and warm with a down jacket in winter.

A sweater skirt paired with a mid-length cashmere coat is simple and high-class. This rare alpaca wool blended fabric, because alpaca wool does not contain oil, no peculiar smell, elasticity is not easy to deform, delicate feeling, lustrous and gorgeous, comparable to silk. But alpacas grow slowly, reproduce little, and fluff is precious, so this coat gives a sense of luxury at your fingertips.

The long cashmere coat shows the crisp and neat sense of femininity and high-end, and it is also particularly good-looking, hiding the shortcomings of various figures. Cashmere coats with skirts are super temperamental, which is a popular way for fashionable women.

6. Ethnic style velvet and thick dress bottom long skirt

The ethnic style plush thick dress bottomed long skirt, not only fashionable and warm, but also very good with a jacket.

Fine workmanship, simple and comfortable and beautiful, so that the whole dress looks more three-dimensional, straight and straight, strong sense of shape, elegant and generous. This year’s super popular colors show more feminine elegance and noble temperament, showing femininity.

Ethnic style embroidered dress tunic fishtail skirt mid-length hip skirt

The layout is very good to optimize the body proportions, straighten the leg line, and highlight the elegant and atmospheric temperament of women.

7. Match with vintage velvet dresses

The vintage velvet skirt is my favorite, and the seemingly light velvet skirt can still be worn in winter, and you can wear a coat or trench coat when it is cold.