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Hello~ Hello everyone! I am Lao Wang next door, no, I am Lao Wang, the inspection technician of the car inspector. Once a car repairer, now fully engaged in the used car testing industry, to help customers solve all car purchase problems, is my service tenet, used it is good!

As a second-hand car inspector, Lao Wang and my colleagues can be said to test cars from tens of thousands to millions or even tens of millions. And when we share the test case with you, I also know that everyone likes to look at luxury cars, and I think that a second-hand car for one or twenty thousand yuan is not a look. Some people even said: What is the need to test a car for 10,000 or 20,000 yuan? But the car is such a thing, don’t care if it is millions or tens of thousands, or even thousands of dollars, as long as you buy it back and drive, it is related to the safety of your life and property.

Therefore, regardless of the price of the car, the minimum accidents, blisters, fires, and even the engine gearbox must be seen clearly. At a small scale, it will cause property damage, and at a large scale, it may cause life safety! So no matter whether the price of second-hand cars is high or low, Lao Wang I think sharing it can make everyone learn something, or learn a lesson, I feel that it is a help to everyone.

And the model brought to you today is a 20,000-dollar used car – the 2009 manual Ford Fiesta. Although this car is cheap, the handling is really good, and it is also a manual transmission, so the playability is good. That’s right, today’s customer is a Chengdu brother who loves to drive. He just graduated this year, because of work needs, he plans to buy a second-hand car to commute to work every day, plus he likes to drive, so he plans to buy a cheap manual transmission to drive.

When he was playing with his mobile phone, he saw this yellow Ford Fiesta on a certain fish, and felt that it looked good, and he also liked the carnival with good control. But although he likes to drive, he is a little white to the car, so he entrusted us with the car inspector to test. Let’s take a look at the situation of the car of the individual seller on a fish, first of all, the basic information of the vehicle.

Model year: 2009 Ford Fiesta 1.5L Manual Sport

Factory time: September 2010

Mileage: 125,000 km

New car guidance: 100,900

Seller offer: 20,000

Testing location: Chengdu, Sichuan

This offer is a normal offer for car dealers, but today it is an individual seller, a little more expensive, but if the car is in good condition, it is not unacceptable.

Now officially start our inspection, the old rule is to first look around the vehicle as a whole, to observe the overall line of the vehicle, the body rib line, the uniformity of the gap between the covering. It can be seen that the front bar has paint damage, putty repair crack marks, there are disassembly gaps that are too large, the rear bar also has paint repair, and flying paint is everywhere, such a process is also the work done by the roadside sheet spray workshop. It can be seen from here that the seller does not cherish the vehicle very much, and may also be a second-hand car bought. Take out the paint film meter below to detect the specific situation of the paint surface.

Everyone knows that the paint surface of American cars is relatively thick compared to Japanese cars, and the paint surface is about 100 microns, which is within the normal range, and we also use the roof data as a reference reference value to comprehensively judge the paint surface of the whole vehicle. At present, the paint finish on several parts of the roof is normal.

However, when the body cover was inspected, it was found that most of them had sheet metal putty repairs, and the value was 500~1800 micro, which shows that there are still many stories of this car. But if it is only the sheet metal repair of the body covering, the problem is not big, and I am afraid that it will hurt the four beams and six columns.

Fortunately, after I inspected the main structure of the body and the coverage of the ABC column, I found that they were all normal, only slightly painted without putty repair.

Then I opened the door and tested the inner edge of the lower threshold, and this measurement really made a major discovery: the inner edge of the left rear door threshold, the repair value of the sheet metal putty on the inside of the C-pillar body was as high as more than 1000 microns, which shows the large impact force and long feeding depth on the left side at that time. Fortunately, no cutting and welding repairs were carried out at this location, which did not affect the safety of the vehicle. According to the national standard definition of “C-pillar inner putty repair super 8cm, paint film meter data 400 microns +” can be defined as an accident car, which has a certain impact on the price of the vehicle, but the car is only 20,000 yuan in total, and this injury can be reduced by 2,000 yuan. Let’s check the engine compartment, I won’t introduce much about the power, the main thing is to explain the detection clearly.

As soon as I opened the cover, I was blown away: the engine cover screws were removed, the headlights were replaced, and the tank frame was disassembled and replaced.

The top is still Mazda’s label, and the tank condenser electronic fan has been replaced, and the front mouth is properly set. It seems that there is also an accident in the front, let’s take a look.

Next, I checked that the front anti-collision steel beam was re-welded, without anti-rust treatment, and it is also rusty at present, the front longitudinal beam sheet metal welding repair, the blade plate skeleton on both sides deformed and repaired, even the longitudinal beam was repaired by sheet metal welding, which shows the seriousness of the accident at that time. This is not only an accident car by definition, but also an accident car in terms of the safety impact of the vehicle! The longitudinal beam is damaged and repaired, and if a secondary collision occurs, the consequences will be unimaginable. Write it down first, and then tell the customer brother in detail later, and we will continue to test.

Then the engine and gearbox fixed spine bracket is tested, the first check is of course the fixing screw connecting the engine and the body, commonly known as the pawl. In addition to fixing the engine, the pawl also plays a role in filtering vibration resonance, so if you want to lift the engine or gearbox, the pawl must be removed. At present, it is found that the front impact has not injured the engine and has not produced displacement, but due to the age, the pawls have sunk and aged, and the resonance frequency has increased, which will cause a decrease in driving experience and need to be replaced later.

And the oil leakage of the valve cover is relatively serious, but these are the normal wear and tear of older cars, and the intake manifold and exhaust manifold of the engine are not abnormal. At present, the engine is in good condition, and it can easily continue to drive for a few years. By that time, the customer’s brother would have already prepared to get married, have children, and change the car.

Next, take out the battery detector, brake oil pen, and antifreeze detector to detect whether the oil and electricity are in the best working condition. It can be seen that the battery is newly replaced, and the brake fluid and antifreeze are in the best working condition. However, the OBD computer detects the airbag to report the fault code, it seems that because of the accident in the front, the airbag has been ejected, but it should be repaired after the accident, why is there a fault code? Test the interior right now to reveal the answer.

The interior of this Ford Fiesta still looks very good, at least clean and new, and the steering wheel and seats are not much worn everywhere. If just from the picture, the exterior and interior of this car is really quite attractive, no wonder the customer brother will look at this car, let’s take a look at the details.

It can be seen that there is no abnormality in the steering tube column, there are no traces of blister sediment inside the carpet, and there are some normal floating rust on the bottom plate of the trunk, and in general, it can be ruled out that the vehicle is a blister car.

But although OBD has an airbag fault code, but the instrument does not display, what is the situation? I thought left and right and thought of a situation, a very bad situation!

After I checked the co-pilot airbag, sure enough, I verified my conjecture that the co-pilot airbag was not installed at all! So after the impact of this Ford Fiesta, the airbag work collapsed, and then in order to save time and material costs during maintenance, the collapsed airbag was removed and thrown away, and the dashboard was repaired, and no new airbag was installed. The reason why the instrument does not display the fault light should be that the line has been modified. Such a repair, the wife is not distracted!

So ah, this is what Lao Wang I said, don’t look at the cheap car for one or twenty thousand yuan, you feel that there is no need to test, after all, it is “skin meat”, if there is a problem with the “skin”, then how can you ensure the safety of “meat”? Let’s test the chassis.

It can be seen that as a veteran who has driven 120,000 kilometers, the suspension of this car has many rubber sleeves with aging, and it must be creaking everywhere during driving, and the oil leakage of the cover is serious and has leaked to the lower part of the exhaust pipe. Later, it is necessary to replace the new rubber sleeve and deal with oil leakage, which is not expensive for a car at this price.

Then check the rear rear position, it is obvious that the left and right anti-collision beam screws have not been disassembled, which can rule out the existence of accidents behind, not to mention the left and right rear side members, after testing is no problem, the rear apron is not deformed and repaired is the original state. Finally, the tire hub brake or something, I won’t say more, everything that should be replaced must have been replaced, and there is no abnormal situation that can be used again.

Then I pulled the customer’s brother aside and talked to him about the car situation. When the little brother heard that the longitudinal beam sheet metal welding repair and the co-pilot did not even have an airbag, his face turned green, and he said on the spot: Who dares to buy this car? Driving on the road is almost the same as driving a “mobile coffin”! However, because there were two people waiting there at the buyer, he did not have a direct seizure, but asked me to go first, and he went perfunctory. Then since the little brother has said so, I will take a step first.

Afterwards, the customer’s brother sent me WeChat saying that I asked me to pay attention to whether there were second-hand cars with good condition of about 20,000 yuan, and he was a little afraid to find the source of the car by himself. And also told me that after I left, the buyer and the two kept saying that the problems with the stringers and airbags were normal car conditions, just small rubs, and if he sincerely wanted it, he could be cheaper. The little brother feels that it is really unconscionable to say this, it is too infuriating, if it were not for us, he is afraid that he will be fooled and stupid. But he didn’t dare to say anything more, so he said that he wanted to go back and think about it and quickly slipped away. I have to say that I can say that such a car situation can be described as a small rub, and the two eldest brothers usually drive tanks less, right? Haha ~ just kidding.

Out of curiosity, I checked the market price of this Ford Fiesta here in Chengdu, and I can see that the personal transaction price should be around 17,000, and today’s price of 20,000, even if it is a normal car condition, it is slightly higher, not to mention such a rotten car condition. But this car is really rare! There are not many cars on sale in the country. But with today’s car situation, don’t say 20,000, just a discount, you may have to weigh it again, what do you think?

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Well, today’s test sharing is over here, thank you for reading! Here Lao Wang I also want to say two more words, buy a second-hand car must look at the condition of the car before starting, don’t think that cheap cars are cheap to buy, the condition of the car does not exist, beware of the road can not come down, only the seller is crooked!

Like a friend like one, Lao Wang I code is not easy. In addition, if you have second-hand car related questions, you can ask me Oh, I will try my best to help you answer, let’s see you next time!