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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Brush Aunt Zhang every day, and one day I saw that snow boots were on sale for the change of season, so I ordered a pair of snow boots in the summer.


At night, I reported to the leader at home, I bought new shoes, and the leader asked me what I bought? The report is a pair of snow boots. His expression was like this, it was like this, it was like this. Hahaha, a woman’s heart to buy and buy will not be affected by the season~

Aunt Zhang’s recommendation is like this:

6 cabbage is like this:

The order of 148.75 knives in the United States for free shipping has now risen to 169.99 knives. The transportation of 6 cabbage is still good, and it will arrive at the transshipment company in 5 days.

Because this shoe has consumption tax, it is necessary to go to the tax-free state of transshipment, I have to say that walking tax-free state X ray is really good slow so slow. After more than ten days, it is displayed in storage. The speed of shipping to the country is not bad, and it arrives in thirteen days. The shipping cost cost a total of 138.



Thick little white sole

Side footshot

The unboxing photo taken with a mobile phone has a mediocre effect, but the shoes are beautiful


Usually the domestic shoe No. 37, this time bought size 7, put on just right, very warm…

UGG Collection Karisa Stingray women’s Italian leather snow boots