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Such beautiful over-the-knee boots, properly matched with long legs, warm double~

When the weather is cold, almost everyone has a pair of knee-length boots, which are not only warm, but also very fashionable to wear. The length of the knee is just enough to cover the thick calves, which not only keeps you warm and thin, but also makes your legs slender. Whether you are fat girl paper or thin girl paper, as long as you stuff it in, it will definitely look good. How do you look best with over-the-knee boots?

The sweater is certainly a winter must-have, and its encounter with over-the-knee boots can be said to be “made in heaven”. Slouchy loose sweaters, whether it’s a turtleneck or a crewneck with boots, I can’t find any modifiers to describe your fashion. The whole person is fashionable and warm. The combination of a short skirt and knee-length boots is a very fashionable way to wear it this year. Remember that the shorter the skirt, the longer the over-the-knee boots must be, so that your big legs can be fully exposed.

Product Recommendation:

Skinny legs appear above the knee with boots

Korean sexy skinny leg suede boots autumn and winter high boots mid-heel block heel stretch over-the-knee boots high heeled women’s boots, comfortable fashion trendy model. Two stretch skinny boots, flat boots are comfortable to wear and not tiring, shopping and travel is no longer afraid ~~ long boots provide you with warm protection.

Korean version of block heeled over-the-knee boots

2017 autumn and winter new over-the-knee boots, stretch fabric more comfortable, inner heightened above the knee shape, super legs thin leg long, comfortable and beautiful, not to be missed! The wedge knee-length leg shape, flannel stretch material, lace paneled fabric, highlighting the feminine and sexy femininity!

Black suede pointed-toe over-the-knee boots

Skinny leg high boots block heel stretch cloth boots, thin leg shaping, seconds to grow long legs ~ mid-heel high legs show thin legs, comfortable to wear without fatigue, stretch boots block heel, simple fashion versatile style, trendy must-have ~ suede material over-the-knee boots give cuties the most comfortable wearing experience.

Black versatile slim leg over-the-knee boots

These over-the-knee boots are made of imported super elastic material, which can be freely stretched and quickly rebounded, will not be due to insufficient elasticity, and will not wrap the legs, will not be deformed due to poor rebound, excellent selection of materials, just to modify the leg shape, a little detail we will not let go. Let’s choose with peace of mind!

Korean version of flat single boots over-the-knee boots

This is a must-buy pair of over-the-knee boots, super sexy + fashionable unmatched. Extra-long boots can not only outline your perfect leg shape and modify your small shortcomings, but also visually stretch your leg proportions, so that your figure presents the perfect golden ratio.

Long versatile thin boots over-the-knee boots

Selected materials and casual design with smart tailoring perfectly combine classical elegance with modern and vivid temperament, and show that this exquisite boot, dignified, elegant and charming, enduring and enduring, feel soft and new and delicate touch on the touch of a touch of winter atmosphere, let you have a sense of superiority in the experience!

Thick-soled wedge stretch-over-the-knee boots

Special stretch leather and cowhide exquisite splicing, surface characteristic effect decoration, a sense of casual street taste, more fashionable wearing, let you wear easily at the same time, confidently show your colorful body, thick bottom design zero pressure to enjoy the fun of walking, extremely comfortable so that the feet are fully relaxed, no pressure!

Platform muffin flat over-the-knee boots

Using imported cold-resistant soft PU material, the upper foot is soft like the feeling of being on the spring! 2017 European and American latest fashion elastic boots, super long over the knee, the thin effect is obvious! Over-the-knee boots are essential for versatile slim legs. Love fashion, love to show thin and beautiful eyebrows! The platform muffin sole makes the crush grow longer legs in seconds.

Stretch flat high boots over-the-knee boots

The boot barrel is made of imported soft leather, elastic and breathable, no sliding leg shape leg thickness and fine points are easy to wear, the angle design is also perfect not tired feet, over-the-knee boots super elasticity and support only fit the legs, knee leg belly, elongated leg type three-dimensional thin, strong stability!

Two skinny leg woolen over-the-knee boots

Wedge round toe over-the-knee boots, using imported matte leather, comfortable to wear, good strength, elegant round toe sexy and delicate, comfortable short plush inside, dry and breathable, non-slip and wear-resistant rubber bottom, stable upper foot feeling. The biggest highlight of this over-the-knee singing is that it perfectly modifies the shape of the legs.

Flat boots stretch over-the-knee boots

Elastic wedge over-the-knee boots are made of high-grade imported flannel fabric, delicate, smooth and breathable, extremely elastic, can perfectly modify the leg line, warm and soft and comfortable inside, high elastic rubber bottom, anti-slip and wear-resistant. Selected high-quality soft surface materials, soft and comfortable, highly breathable, clear grain, dense hand feeling.

Suede slim flat over-the-knee boots

Stretch-over-the-knee boots, personality wanton show, apply for different standards, highlight the simplicity, personality, self-fashion sense, so that the crushes can conquer everything they want, stretch fleece fabric, cotton lining, rubber outsole soft and comfortable, beautiful legs and comfortable.

Suede high boots show thin stretch over-the-knee boots

Over-the-knee boots, using imported stretch fleece, not only delicate, smooth and breathable, but also perfectly modify the legs, wear easy to look thin, comfortable curved design over-the-knee boots in line with the principle of artificial mechanics, warm inside can fully care for the feet, round toe design, large sole non-slip.

Flat-bottomed sexy and versatile skinny knee-length boots

Wedge heel high above the knee boots using imported stretch fleece fabric, delicate and smooth, breathable, extremely elastic, warm inside, good feeling, soft and comfortable, do not hurt the skin, comfortable small round head design, very space, natural rubber bottom, can well cushion the reaction force.

Flat-bottomed skinny sheep skin over-the-knee boots

Stretch-over-the-knee boots can modify the slender and straight leg shape, wherever you go, highlighting the noble and elegant temperament; Fashionable and versatile, sheep leather fabric, straighter and more, to create the perfect shape, slimming legs, shaping in one step. Flat inner heightened boots for a slim and slim golden ratio.

For all kinds of goddesses and women, how to keep warm and show long legs in winter? Of course, wear knee-length boots with a short skirt to lengthen the leg line, more feminine, essential in autumn! Are you ready for such knee-length boots?